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Owner’s manuals are more important than you may think. Aside from the operational information in them they are extremely important when ordering parts and tooling. Machine tool dealers should especially make sure their customers know how to utilize their manuals effectively.

At some point every machine is going to need parts, regardless of the manufacturer. The drawings and diagrams in the manual are essential, first for identifying the correct parts, second for being able to locate the corresponding part number from the list. Even if your machine is no longer in production, having the correct number is a good place to start in finding a suitable replacement. When you guess which parts you need it will only cost you more time, money and aggravation in the long run.

It is vital to recognize that a call out number on a machine diagram is not the same as the part number. The call out number on the drawing corresponds with the same number on the parts list, which then gives the part number and description. In order to get the most efficient service when calling a parts supplier, you need to have the actual part number. This eliminates guesswork so that you get the correct part the first time.

It is also a good practice to scan the page from the manual with the required items circled as well as to photograph the old parts. You can submit these images via email or fax to your supplier to help identify the parts.

Your manual may also indicate what tooling is compatible with your machine. Make sure you are using tooling that is designed to operate within the machine’s capabilities. Manuals have many uses, from tips to increasing productivity to safety measures that should be implemented to protect operators.
Manuals are just as important as any other tool in your shop — keep them in a place where you can refer to them as needed.
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