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The mishandling of material is a very frequent cause of injury in the workplace. Most material handling injuries tend to be musculoskeletal-related, which can range from minor sprains to more serious ailments like in vertebral disk injuries. Many of these injuries result from bad material handling and lifting techniques. Other factors that cause these types injuries can be from prolonged awkward postures or positions and from continual repetitive motions.

Some of the most common injuries from material handling occur in the joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves of the neck, arms, legs and abdomen. Eventually, long-term damage may develop in the form of a repetitive strain injury, occupational overuse syndrome, or cumulative trauma disorder.

Some of the most common material handling and lifting problems (and their solutions) are:

  • Lifting with back bent and legs straight — keep back straight and bend your knees
  • Holding load too far from body — hold load as close to body as possible
  • Twisting while lifting — adapt your lifting style to avoid twisting, such as using the “Pivot Technique”
  • Losing balance during a lift — keep a wide, balanced stance with feet generally shoulder width apart
  • Poor coordination between two or more people during the lift — communicate and plan the lift together in order to coordinate your lifting actions

Following these brief techniques can help to eliminate prolonged or even permanent back damage and other injuries.

Safe Lifting Practices

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