Oct 03, 2017

JMT offers several types of welding accessories in many sizes. From small turntable welding positioners to medium tank turning rolls to large welding manipulators, we offer complementary products to assist in your welding processes, whether they be small or large.

Our standard line of welding positioners have rated loading capacities from 110 lbs. (model HB05) to over 44,000 lbs. (model HB200), and even larger custom sizes are available for order.

Our JMT HB200 Welding Positioner has an 86″ diameter table and has a capacity of 44,090 lbs. at 24″ height of material or 22,000 lbs. at 75″. It features a two-gear drive at both ends of the table which protects against twisting the part being welded. The table tilts as well as rotates and the tilt can be stopped at any angle for maximum welding effectiveness on the part (a scale on the side shows the degree of the current tilt angle). The table features variable speed, which can be adjusted using the pendant control. The pendant also controls the tilt of the table and the direction of rotation. The foot pedal also can control forward and reverse rotation.

This positioner is equipped with brush grounding, allowing the part to be grounded during welding, avoiding the risk of grounding wires getting tangled while the table is rotated, as with a traditional grounding system. Adjustable limit switches stop the table tilt at specified angles.

The HB200 positioner features an inverter drive, a 10 HP tilting motor feeding into two oil bath gear reducers, a 7 HP rotation motor also going into two gear reducers, and six slots in the table for securing the part to be welded.

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