Jul 28, 2015

JMT offers Structural Steel Beam Drill Lines, ideal for use in steel construction, bridge construction and shipyards. These servo motor powered machines can drill H, I, and U profiles or angle iron with standard diameters of .4″ to 1.5″ or more. They consist of one, two or three independent spindles.

JMT 3ADM Drill LineThe 3-spindle 3 ADM 1200 model spotlighted here has the capacity of independently drilling a profile from three sides, branding and tool changing at the same time. Resetting the equipment to zero and setting to the next drilling position are done automatically by the CNC control.

Highlights of the machine include:

  • Three independent spindles (one vertical and two horizontal), each with its own X, Y and Z axes.
  • Each spindle features a 20 HP Mitsubishi servo motor (the faster RPMs also allow for the use of carbide tooling).
  • Each spindle drilling station has its own Automatic Tool Changing Unit with four tools.
  • Each station can drill, mill, tap, counter sink, and scribe in any combination (and tools can be easily switched out mid-operation).
  • Scribe marking (engraving) can be performed on all three sides.
  • Coolant is supplied to each drilling station through either external flood or mist or internally through the bit.
  • The machine features linear guides with central lubrication, assisted with ball screw drives for accuracy.
  • The maximum beam capacity is 50″ wide by 22″ high (minimum beam capacity is 3.15″ x 3.15″).
  • We utilize positive beam positioning, far more accurate than machines with friction rollers (where mill scale can cause slippage).
  • By using a clamping arm with a rack and pinion system we achieve more accurate positive positioning (maintaining .004″).
  • We use an internal laser for exact positioning of the beam, as well as absolute encoders (eliminating the need to ‘home’ the machine when it is powered up).
  • Our system will work with small segments of beam (friction roller drill lines require that the beam extend through both sides of the machine).
  • The drill line includes a 40′ infeed conveyor with CNC carriage and a 40′ exit conveyor with motorized rolls (optional longer conveyors are available).

JMT Beam Drill Line

JMT also offers other structural steel fabrication equipment, including smaller plate and flange drills, oxy/plasma cutters and combination drill/oxy/plasma machines.

Contact JMT today for more information on our Drill Line and other fabrication equipment. Call toll-free 855-773-7727 or email Info@JMTUSA.com.


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