Aug 29, 2016

JMT offers a servo hydraulic press brake for customers looking to lower their production costs. U.S. producers are faced with higher labor costs than non-domestic sources, so they need to find other areas in which to reduce costs in order to stay competitive. JMT’s servo hydraulic press brakes can give companies back their competitive edge in the marketplace.


Features of JMT’s Servo Hydraulic Press Brake


Standard configurations of JMT’s AD-SERVO hydraulic press brake series includes Y1/Y2 ram positioning, a standard X/R axis servo-driven back gauge and wedge tool clamps. Our front sheet supports roll smoothly on a long-life bearing-driven linear rail system.

One feature of our servo brakes is LED lighting positioned above the work area. This allows an operator to see clearly, providing greater accuracy and greater safety during production.

Another standard feature is the wave-style crowning used on our servo brakes, crowning that is built into the frame and not added on top (which would diminish the daylight opening size).

Many optional upgrades are available, such as a Wilson quick clamping tooling system in lieu of the standard wedge clamps.


Servo Hydraulic Press Brake


Advantages of a Servo Hydraulic Press Brake


JMT’s servo press brakes lower production costs by lowering energy consumption. These press brakes offer up to a 66% reduction in energy use while in an idle status. They also save up to a 44% reduction in the pressing cycle.

Our servo hydraulic press brake is a green machine — we operate with less hydraulic oil in the reservoirs. Typical hydraulic press brakes will have approximately 40 gallon reservoirs, while JMT’s servo machines operate on as little as 21 gallons, a significant savings.

The AD-SERVO has a very quiet operation for a hydraulic press brake, another advantage to operators working in an already busy and noisy shop environment.


Read more about the JMT servo hydraulic press brake elsewhere on our website:

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