Acieta has been successfully integrating robots to press brakes for more than 10 years. RIBS is the acronym for their Robotic Press Brake Tending Solutions. Placing a robot in front of a press brake, giving it a functional EOAT and programming it to manipulate a part blank through the bending sequence to produce a part for a customer, is not rocket science. But giving the customer a solution considered compatible with the production floor, that addresses the requirements of good press brake operation, adds in flexibility, practicality and ease of use; well that’s more like rocket science than not. JMT and Acieta have partnered to bring these unique and highly productive solutions to all JMT customers!

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What bridges that gap? Software. Most manufactured press brakes have high level software packages that allow for easy programming of the press brake and back gauges. However, off-line programming of robotic automation to manipulate the part blank from inbound presentation to double blank detection, bend line location, forming operations including re-gripping, part following to prevent back bending and formed part palletizing has been cumbersome, impractical and expensive at best. Adding new parts to the automation cell has taken days, sometimes a week or more; until Acieta’s robotics (RIBS) came along. We begin by selecting one of three standard, proven layouts, as a foundation for the final solution. Acieta offers the following initial robotic platforms:

  • Our Standard Press Brake Robotics solution is the traditional layout with a large payload robot on a floor mounted track, posit ...

  • Our offering of “Intermediate” Robotic Integrated Bending Solution (IRIBS) is press brake automation designed for l ...

  • The LM RIBS solution is a compact, pallet mounted (mobile) platform that allows operator access/operation of the press brake as ...

Acieta’s robotics solutions are customized from standard layouts to best suit each customer application. We start with a proven layout and make modifications as needed; to meet customer floor space, part size, process criteria and expectations. We then use our proprietary robotics offline programming software (developed over several years, in conjunction with Alma-Cam’s industry leading “Robowave” software) to build the customers’ work cell in a virtual environment. Calibrated during installation, this virtual cell closely reflects the actual production floor installation; which allows rapid testing and programming of new parts without interrupting daily production. Acieta’s RIBS software use accurate factory produced robot models and peripheral equipment developed using 3D CAD packages; so the output programs from this software transfer directly into the work cell on the customers’ floor, with little to no touch up needed.

Many standard options are available for most solutions including:

  • Double Blank Detection & Material Thickness Gauging
  • Operator Access To Formed Part For Inspection
  • Automatic Robot Gripper Changer & Gripper Storage Rack
  • Automatic Press Brake Tool Changing & Tool / Gripper Storage Rack
  • Cell Controller w/ Program / Production Management Software
  • Inbound Drawer Units (high capacity part queue)
  • Pallet Stations
  • Inbound/Outbound Part Conveyors
  • Part Marking Station
  • Robot Vision for Part Location & Feature Detection
  • Part Palletizing / Nesting
  • Case Packing (Small Parts)