Eco Bend 5020

Eco Bend-5020 Electric Press Brake
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Many benefits arise from this operational method. Since there is no hydraulic system within the new JMT “EB 5020” servo electric press brake, none of the activities that are required to maintain a hydraulic oil system are required for these all electric press brakes, minimizing maintenance costs. In addition to reducing maintenance costs, the predictable down time for performing these maintenance chores is never realized increasing the machines available production window.

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In addition to the main design intent to take the hydraulics out and all that goes with it, the second most important capability begins to become evident. Unlike many other press brake designs, JMT new “EB 5020” all electric press brake can accomplish off center bending. They can do this because of their four independently operated servo motor drives which have motors now positioned closer to the press brakes center line. Another advantage of the all-electric press brake and it’s four servo motor concept is conical bending, which in the past required optional equipment on the old style hydraulic press brake. Multiple station bending is also enhanced, once again, because the servo drives for main ram movement are located much further inboard towards the brakes center line.

Inherently good designs usually produce additional benefits and JMT “EB 5020” all electric press brake is no different. Because all movement of this all electric press brake is controlled by d.c. brush-less servo motor drives, the entire piece part cycle time is reduced by as much as 45%. So let’s do some “thumb nail” computations and see where we end up. In consideration of just piece part cycle time, if a production part takes say 10 minutes to produce on an old style hydraulic press brake, then it will only take five and one half minutes on an all-electric press brake. If the power consumption on an older style hydraulic press brake to make that same part was say 10 kilowatt hours, the same piece part made on an all-electric press brake is going to be on the order of 4 kilowatt hours. You can see how the savings would begin to mount each and every day. Combining the cycle time savings and the reduced power consumption, a company could see as much as a 40% reduction in actual cost. Imagine a press brake department where 6-8 or 10 press brakes are working away, daily contributing to the company’s bottom line.

Equipped the way they should be.

Of course as with all JMT press brakes, the new “EB 5020” press brake offer the “trio advantage” of large ram height, deep throat and large stroke. Other standard features include the most ridged ram movement control using oversize linear ways with 3 oversize linear bearings on each column.

Other standard equipment features are Y1-Y2 closed loop ram position. AD10 NC control, packed with programming engineered to relieve some of the difficulty in setting up a new bending job. Totally programmable variable speed ram in approach speed, working speed and return speed. Also comes with dwell assist to confirm tool setting before a punch is rendered useless. American/European box punch clamps, AC Servo driven back gauge on linear guide, 2 front sliding support arms, safety interlocks on all doors and a rear work light.

Of course world class components abound on these press brakes, every major component is made by quality suppliers of worldwide recognition.

When it comes to tooling up your new EB 5020 all electric press brake JMT has you more than covered. As factory authorized suppliers of both Wila and Wilson Tooling, we also provide JMT tooling developed over years of recommending and supplying our customers with tooling that has been proven in the field, that gets the job done, produced to our specifications.

What happens once you have decided to place your order with JMT? Industry professionals move your machine order through our system in prompt order paying attention to all the little details. When your new press brake ships our nationally recognized Service Department provides your install in the utmost professional manner, at just the time you request it. Thereafter, a 24-hour service “hotline” is at your disposal for any service issues that may arise.