Variable Geometry Plate Rolls

Variable Geometry Plate Rolls

Our variable geometry plate rolls are designed with a long list of benefits and exclusive features that have changed the whole concept of rolling and bending that previously were’t available. Plate rolling and bending has been turned upside down with these innovative variable axis machines, now offering much greater flexibility and more solutions in bending that were once difficult to accomplish. Introducing our variable geometry plate rolling machines that are the most sophisticated manufactured plate rolls available. These operate in a completely different way than traditional 3 roll or 4 roll style plate rollers. These plate benders or rollers can roll super thick plates and are becoming more and more popular with increased demand from the sectors providing infrastructure, power generation, wind towers, ship building and vessel designs that would have been forged just a decade ago, are now being sent to fabrication shops that have the capacity to roll thick plate. Variable geometry plate rollers often termed “Press Rolls” are a different beast than a traditional plate roll, as they really operate more like a press brake with a cnc adjustable V die and therefore make extremely thick and complex rolls possible. These uniquely designed variable axis bending machines come with a top roll that moves in a vertical plane which can also be tilted and side rolls that move independently from each other in the horizontal plane in variable axes. The advantages that makes the variable geometry machine the most flexible plate roll on the market, is the unique geometry that allows our variable geometry plate rollers to work similarly time after time. Another benefit is that variable geometry plate roll machines can be placed in a pit so the plate material is loaded into the roll at floor level, greatly increasing operator safety as well as individual’s safety in the nearby vicinity. Furthermore, there’s not a better bending machine out there if you need to straighten or flatten thick plate, and the benefits just keep rolling in!

  • The new HRB 3V variable geometry plate roll come standard with a very capable PLC 7 axis machine controller. This control makes ...

The first and probably best capability of this new all variable geometry 3 roll bending machine is its ability to perform “absolute pre-bending.” This is possible because of the top rolls ability to be adjusted axially as well as vertically. This design also makes coning and even double coning a thing of ease, utilizing the coning fixture which is included in the machines purchase price. Cone rolling is ideally suited for the new JMT HRB 3V variable geometry plate roll due to the angular tilting of the top roll and flat tilting of the side rolls in all directions. In addition, unlike 4 roll machines, the 3V machine can utilize the entire range of the machine capacity for rolling cones by using the “roll and press” method. Another huge advantage to this rolls design is the simplicity with which you can remove the “pre-bend in your finished part. Simply adjust your right side lower roll, adjust your left side lower roll, position the pre-bend at 6 o’clock and press down with the upper roll until done.

With the variable geometry design, the bottom rolls move on a horizontal axis and independently from each other with variable steps, while the top roll motorized, moves on a vertical axis. Due to the variable steps we can have numerous advantages, just to name a few of the major features; 1, Great versatility (increasing the distance between the bottom rolls and maintaining the same thrust from the top roll, we are able to bend big thickness, decreasing such distance we are able to bend smaller thicknesses. 2, The plate is kept horizontal during the pre-bending process (increasing safety for the operator). 3, Total dimensions of the machine are decreased compared to a 4 roll machine, due to the side roll cylinders being mounted horizontally. Therefore, no need for a pit up to 1.5 times plate size.

Additional benefits of JMT’s variable plate roller just keep “rolling” along. In addition to everything mentioned above, these machines have even more great features built in, such as an exceptionally wide capacity range far in excess of older “conventional” plate rolls. When space within your shop becomes a valuable commodity, that’s another great reason to consider the JMT HRB 3V variable geometry plate roll. In short, you can put a large capacity machine in a small capacity machine’s place. Because of the design and the way the rolls can be positioned, much thicker plate can be accommodated in less foot print. Adversely, the HRB 3V plate roll does not roll thinner plates and sheets.

The build quality of this impressive variable geometry plate roll requires a moment of note. The machine starts out with a strengthened body purposely lowered to both maintain stability and keep the pass line of the plate roll as low as was possible. Additional strengthening bars were placed at strategic locations to improve machine rigidity. As is the case with all the high quality fabrication equipment JMT brings to market, the machine base gets completely stress relieved and all necessary machining needed to produce the machine base is machined on a 5 axis combination c-n-c- milling machine.

What is the P.R.P.S. and why should we even care? That acronym stands for “Precise Roll Positioning System". It’s very important that extremely accurate information is fed into PLC as to the location of all three rolls. This is accomplished by “linear magnetic incremental measurement transducers” that are constantly reporting roll location back to the controller. This system provides the information that is able to be displayed on the screen in real time. Not to be out done, the electrical system boasts components from the world’s highest quality manufacture’s as well. Open up the main electrical panel and you will be greeted by Siemens components everywhere you look. Siemens needs no introduction, arguably the highest quality electrical components on the planet, and guess what, you can source them right down the street from your facility, if replacement is ever needed.

If you’re the controlling type, the available controls will pique your interest. The HRB-3V comes standard with a PLC with digital readout. An available optional controller could include an N.C. which provides an increase of control capabilities as you select the more advanced controller.

If your job requires specialized machinery JMT is right there with you. First, as a separate division of the Jorgenson Industrial Companies, Jorgenson Material Handling division specializes in turn key applications to the customer’s specifications. In the case of plate rolling machines JMT can provide but is not limited to; side and top support systems, vertical machine configuration’s, Specialized surfaces for any or all rollers, large custom roller side supports, and last but certainly not least, automatic load/unload systems made to customer specifications. More on variable geometry plate roll advantages