3 Roll Plate Rollers

3 Roll Plate Rollers

Three Roll Plate Rollers

Versatility, flexibility, adaptability, practicality, and value are all very good terms to describe the benefits of our 3 roll hydraulic plate rollers. We offer our 3 roll plate rollers with bending lengths from 6 foot 8 inches up to 13 foot 5 inches. And thickness bending capacities range from one quarter inch up to one and three eighths inches thick plate. As is the case with all of our plate rolling machines these are designed and built to go the distance with induction hardened rolls and top end components throughout. Double pinch three roller machines sometimes called “pyramid plate rollers” are our most economical plate rolls we sell. We most often recommend these when you have an experienced plate roll operator that has prior experience and acquired skills at rolling material on 3 roll machines. With all three rolls being powered, the plate is held in place between the top and side rollers while the side rolls move vertically to create the perfect bend.

  • Versatility, flexibility, adaptability, practicality, all very good terms when considering JMT’s HRB-3 new line up of 3 roll ...

Each of the three rollers are machined with an optimum crown to compensate for deflection of the rollers during the bending process. The hydraulic components we install on our plate rolling machines couldn’t have a better pedigree with reputable components throughout. Every part of the hydraulic system is built with world renowned Bosch-Rexroth valves and pumps. In fact Bosch-Rexroth assisted in the system design and created specialized components specifically for our plate roll machines hydraulic system. An added benefit of their involvement is the availability to source these components locally, if replacement components are ever needed. Also included in the original design of our hydraulic system is the industry’s strongest hydraulic braking system designed to prevent plate slippage during bending. To keep the rolls running true for years and years of service, are spherical bearings sourced from the best bearing manufacturers in the world. Hydraulic roll crowning compensation allows for the rolling of different thicknesses of material with minimal deformation of the plate or sheet.

Not to be out done, the electrical system can boasts components from the world’s highest quality manufacturers as well. Open up the main electrical panel and you will be greeted by Siemens components everywhere you look. Siemens needs no introduction, arguably the highest quality electrical components on the planet, and guess what, you can source them right down the street from you facility, if a replacement is ever needed. As standard equipment we include a plc controller that handles the task of operating the bender machines movement assisted by dro’s to show roll position. As is the case with all of our plate rolling machines our 3 roll plate rolling machines are all CE certified.

In the case of plate bending and rolling machines we can provide the following, but is not limited to; side and top support systems, vertical machine configuration’s, specialized surfaces for any or all rollers, large custom roll side supports, and last but certainly not least, automatic load/unload systems made to your individual specifications. Give us here at JMT an opportunity to “roll out our capabilities” for you, we are certain you will be glad you did.

For further information, and assistance in selecting the appropriate machine for your needs, do hesitate to contact us and we will put you in touch with our JMT sales representative or dealer in your area.