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Every good business model starts with a good partnership, which is why we rely on Durma for the highest caliber of machinery. Durma is the world’s leading machinery manufacturer located in Bursa, Turkey with an expansive 1.5 million square ft. facility and as many as 6000 units of machine production capacity. Choosing the #1 resource for machinery helps us to deliver quality that has made global impact with over 60,000 machines delivered worldwide. Although providing the highest volume of metal fabrication machinery internationally, quality has always been the fundamental difference that sets them apart from the competition and gives customers complete confidence in the Durma brand.

Largest Manufacturer of metal fabrication machinery in the world

Durma Plant

With 60 years of experience in recognizing challenges and meeting expectations of a demanding industry, Durma has deservedly earned its reputation as a supplier and innovator of “value oriented solutions”, a value that we proudly bring to you!

Durma Facility 2

Durma Facility Arial View

Durma Office Building

  • Durma is the largest sheet metal working machinery company in the world and 80% of production is exported in 82 countries.
  • Durma’s machines offer the best value in the machinery industry, with the highest performance to price ratio available.
  • 1.5 million square ft. facility with specialized factory service teams that supports 80 countries and numerous support facilities nationwide.
  • Durma provides software with remote support to assist in solving any problem when you need quick solutions.
  • Durma has 3 different plants designed to serve 3 specific product divisions with 1000 employees Dedicated to its production.

Durma Statue

Quality Known Throughout the Industry

Everything is made in house and nothing is sub contracted out. Durma only uses quality components from reputable brand names such as Rexroth, Siemens OEM Equipment For Machines Quality starts at the core and Durma enforces that idea by only using superior machine components to bring the highest level of function to their machines. Durma is an OEM company and hand selects quality branded parts right in their own factory so that reliability is never a question. Durma refuses to cut corners by using cheaper, off-market parts in their systems and uses only proven, world reputable brands with long-standing reliability. OEM certified brands such as Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, Omegat are utilized as components and are considered crucial to the high-performance results Durma creates. Although selective in the brands they use within their factories, Durma is also non-proprietary which allows costumers quick replacement of parts with off-market brands which may offer more convenience.

AD-Servo Rexroth Valve Rexroth Valve

Rexroth Valve Rexroth Valve

Siemems Electrical Components Siemens Sinamics Electrical Component

Delem Control Panel Delem Control Panel

  • Using Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumps in their bending systems not only increases overall efficiency, but also reduces noise emission and facilitates satisfactory size and displacement ratio.
  • Durma uses Siemens for back gauge servomotors which significantly build on precision, speed and repeatability.
  • Seals by Omegat are formulated with the latest technology and deliver good pump back capability, non-stick slip and low friction. They are easy to install and abrasive resistant.

Durma Incorporates State of the Art Manufacturing JMT’s engineers work closely with Durma to come up wtih the highest quality machines to fit the U.S. market and beyond. Our partnership with Durma has enabled us to develope innovative designs with cutting edge technology that deliver solutions to the fabrication industry worldwide.

Durma Manufacturing Press Brakes

Durma Angle Rolls

Durma Punch

Durma Shears

Durma Machine Cleaning

Durma Machine Painting

Durma Press Brake Painted

Durma Shears Ready for Shipment

No Job Is Too Big or Too Small for Durma!

Small Press Brakes

Durma Tandom Press Brakes

Large Durma Press Brake

Durma’s advanced technology in the bending of large format parts has; for the automated and reduced labor bending of large sheet and plate parts. diversifed uses in the different industries while avoiding long, expensive welding operations which even takes the risk of material stability.

  • Reduced material handling
  • Compensation for high spring-back sheets
  • Reduced setup times by automated loading and unloading
  • Increasesed employee saftey
  • Durma’s higher tonnage press brakes utililizes and unique “box construction” which provides the most stable machine frame in the industry.
  • Durma provides the latest technology in “large format” bending and automation.

Large Tandom Durma Press Brake

Durma Plate Roll Design

Precise Tooling

Innovative, Cutting Edge, Forward Thinking, Solutions Driven

Durma Machine Diagnostic

  • The Durma Research and Development Center has received praise from the Turkish government, R&D was awarded the “R&D Center Certificate” for being the first and only machinery in Turkey as well as employing 56 personnel.
  • Durma engineers continue breaking ground with developments in mechanical, electrical and mechatronics in addition to new software updates to improve on existing Durma products.
  • Durma’s engineers have made extraordinary leaps and bounds in reducing energy output and helping companies to reduce production cost.

Durma Solutions

The Durmazlar Research and Development focuses on cutting edge technology with over 50 engineers always striving to push the limits of fabrication. These engineers are consistently improving and building on machinery concepts and design and Durma’s limitless innovation has allowed them to hold the record for the largest fiber laser in existence. Our thriving partnership with Durma allows us to promise the world’s best machinery and truly make good on that promise. When it comes to performance, price and progression for your business–we give you a triple threat value that is impossible to beat.