Sep 08, 2017

While JMT is well-known for our press brakes, plate rolls and angle rolls, there is far more to us than just those standard, large-scale metal fabrication machines.

Listed below are some of the miscellaneous fabrication tools that we have in stock:

  • JMT Plate Edge Beveler
    JMT Plate Edge Beveler
    JMT 2-Roll Sheet Metal Roller | The model BTR-6/2.0 rolls sheet metal pipes with just two rolls! The neoprene bottom roll conforms to the shape of the top roll, allowing much tighter rolling than traditional 3 and 4-roll machines. Includes PLC control and vacuum loading system for automatic operation.
  • JMT Tube & Pipe Bender | The model BM-70A is a powerful and capable bending machine, with its cast iron construction this machine can handle a variety of different sizes and pipe material, such as 2″ pipes, 2-1/2″copper and annealed brass pipes and 2-3/8″ diameter tubes of most other materials
  • JMT Plate Edge Beveler | The model BEB-28 is a perfect complement to your plate rolling operation with its 2″ max. plate thickness capacity (5/6″ min.). This hydraulic edge beveling machine has a 1.10″ max. cutting width and a 0.95″ max. cutting depth.
  • JMT Plate Notcher | The model FN-2506 is a fixed angle notcher with a 9.84″ x 9.84″ x 1/4″ capacity. Perfect for those who need to do high quantities of 90° notching or who don’t need all the other stations on an ironworker.

Please contact us for further information on any of these products, and click HERE to view our brochure showing our standard lines of equipment. From band saws to ironworkers to shears to welding positioners, JMT has the equipment you need to work your metal.

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