JMT Milling Machines

JMT Milling Machines
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We offer a large variety of milling machine types for cutting and shaping wood and metal in operations like technical schools, parts production lines and tool and maintenance shops. We know your goals aren’t that different from our own: we value speed, efficiency, less demanding operation and lower overall cost. We are confident that we have a milling machine designed to address your specific focus, plus solve issues that you didn’t even think of. For heavier jobs and large work pieces, our horizontal machines are built with support from the arbor with larger cross sections to accommodate the largest dimensions.

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Our vertical milling machines are ideal for standing, detailed work that include die sinking, die casting, forging and more. We have options for manually operated machines which are affordable, easy to use and can accomplish any milling task that comes your way. If you want to increase accuracy and speed up workflow, you will find your solution with the CNC milling machine. These computerized milling machines use digital automation to drastically improve precision of milling processes and allow greater control. If you can’t decide which milling machine will suit your everyday use, contact us today and we will analyze your requirements to find you the best possible machine.

Standard Configuration

  • Meehanite Cast Frame
  • Hardened & Ground Table & Ways
  • Double Wall Construction
  • Heat Treat Hardened & Chromed Quill
  • Turcite on the X & Y Axis