Milling Machines

Milling Machines

THE UNIVERSAL MULTI PURPOSE MILLING MACHINE Due to the complexity of today’s modern manufacturing facility and job shop environments, the need for a flexible, well designed, highly equipped milling machine is of paramount importance. With a wide variety of capabilities and functionality, the ability to multi-task, cannot be understated. JMT Bridgeport style knee mills are the answer to today’s hightech manufacturing requirement for a machine that can fill that need. Whether this mill is utilized in a well equipped maintenance shop or relegated to a production responsibility, this Swiss army knife of the chip making world is packed with capabilities that render this mill invaluable in today’s modern metalworking environment.

  • We offer a large variety of milling machine types for cutting and shaping wood and metal in operations like technical schools, ...

JMT is proud to offers multi-purpose knee style milling machines. Quality is abundant on these knee mills, with the use of Meehanite cast iron in all major castings, this mill begins its life with the most ridged structure possible. Certified Meehanite cast iron is just the beginning. When JMT made the decision to offer a mill of this type, the specific requirements of our Taiwanese supplier were very exact. The mill would have hardened and ground surfaces on the X, Y, Z, ways to include Turcite B coatings on those ways as well as the column. The requirement for quality does not stop there, the JMT knee mills are required to have a ground and chromed quill, and a ground and chromed X,Y,Z lead screws, and a hardened and ground spindle. The spindle runs on a set of Abec 7/P4 roller bearings which ensure long life and a minimal runout of + - .0004. All of the lead screws are covered for durability and endurance. Since accuracy of this type of milling machine is important to the people that use them, the JMT knee mill also has a hardened and ground table, which includes 3 ground “T” slots. All lead screws on these milling machines are of the “double nut” configuration so as to virtually eliminate backlash.

Features are required on universal milling machines of this type and the JMT knee mill is loaded with them. Variable speed drives are available on these mills, to include mechanical variable speed to inverter controlled variable speed main drives, providing positive torque and horse power to the spindle. These JMT knee mills can he had in either 3 horse power to 5 horse power main drives depending on the working environment that the mill will be used in. A hand operated spindle brake is included on this mill, the mill can be lubricated with a one shot lubrication system, a reversing switch is mounted on the mill which will reverse the spindle direction. The list goes on, a micrometer depth-stop is mounted on the spindle for accurate depth milling or drilling; a lever is mounted to the quill which allows for rapid to creep feeding speed to quickly position the spindle for the next operation. The quill also has an adjustable automatic feed disengagement, which can best be utilized for repetitive operation of the spindle feed.

Available at the tooling end of these outstanding knee mills, is an R8 or ISO-30 internal spindle taper, with a 7/16- 20 manually operated draw bar for the R8 spindle or ½-20 manually operated draw bar for the ISO-30 internal taper found on the 3 horse power mill. The 5 horse power mill has an R8 or ISO-40 internal taper with a 5/8-11 manually operated draw bar. Air operated draw bars can be obtained optionally for either size milling machine.

Many more standard features can be had on the new JMT Universal Multi-Propose Milling Machine, more that we have the room to list here. Please feel free to reach out to JMT at our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and we will have one of our Regional Sales Representative’s get back to you promptly.