JMT is your source for all metalworking machines, whether you need a lathe, drill press, steel drill line, vertical milling machine, knee mill, or horizontal boring mill.

Metalworking Forges into the Future

JMT is on the front lines with a never ending pursuit of new concepts and processes. While older processes evolve and become more efficient, new metalworking technologies are unveiled almost every day. Because of this trend JMT remains in close contact with our dealers and customers for valuable feedback and information for recommended improvements in existing machinery types and new equipment that may revolutionize the process. In our quest to remain on the “cutting edge” of the metalworking evolution, JMT is continually in a constant state of improvement with research and development teams designing, testing and producing metal working machines for the future.

Since the early days, mostly due to our customers requesting of JMT to provide them with the equipment we didn’t handle at that time, JMT began to look outside the realm of fabrication machines. What our customers wanted because of their prior pleasant experiences with JMT’s metal fabrication products & services was for JMT to provide them with all their machine tool needs, including chip making machines. Because of the experience they gained related to the support and application of fabrication equipment, our customers felt more confident that they would rather purchase a chip making machine from JMT. Since our customer base has grown so has our portfolio of machines that make chips. In the early days we offered a few pedestal style drill presses, a couple of bench type lathes and a simple vertical milling machine as time went on, our offering of metal cutting machines expanded greatly.

More Than Just Chip Making

JMT stocks and sells a considerable range of machines that make chips, as well as bench lathes and small mills, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Currently, JMT provides the market with all types of drill presses, numerous types of vertical milling machines from the typical vertical knee mill to huge horizontal boring mills as well as large capacity floor mills. We supply many types of horizontal lathes like engine lathes, big bore oil field lathes, mechanics lathes, tool room lathes even watchmakers lathes! Lest we forget, JMT sells the widest variety of metal cutting band saws from a small 6 inch by 8 inch manual miter cutting saw all the way up to behemoths capable of cutting 40 inch diameter solid round materials. JMT also brings to market a quality drill line often referred to as a “beam line” or “structural steel beam drill line, which incorporates both a drilling capacity as well as an integrated band sawing machine. And hold on, we are just getting warmed up.

JMT also offers a stunning array of both Horizontal and Vertical CNC machines for just about every application. This impressive portfolio of CNC equipment is accomplished with partnerships with some of the most recognized machinery builders across the globe. Contract manufacturer’s whom are in partnership with JMT are selected after extensive research, product testing and include only outstanding organizations that are the best in the business. For more information on these state of the art machines contact your Regional Sales Representative.

Our customers put their trust in JMT to supply them with whatever type of machine tool that they require because they know that JMT will support them after the sale and provide the technical assistance to make their processes profitable.