JMT has a perfect line up of metal rolling machines with plate rolls, angle rolls, and profile tube benders that deliver reliable performance you can count on.

High-Quality Metal Rolling Equipment

Manufacturing companies use metal bending and rolling equipment to create different finished metals for commercial applications. JMT USA is ideally positioned to supply this market segment with the utmost in productive and sophisticated machinery available today. Having the right equipment in the machine shop to perform metal forming and metal fabrication is essential for manufacturing high-quality products. Plate rolls transform flat sheets of metal into finished products while angle rolls (also known as profile rolls) bend bar stock and angle iron into round forms.

Here are some examples of metal rolling machines that JMT USA can provide to industry. These machines enable manufacturers to obtain different metal forms for large building projects, and for metal components to complete many kinds of products.

Plate rolls happen to be right in the wheelhouse of JMT USA, with the availability of 4 roll plate rollers up to 6 inch thick capacity all the way down to the hand crank manual 3 roll machines. Large sheets of unfinished metal are mechanically passed through the combination of winches to produce a finished roll. The dimensions of theses machines can be massive, potentially producing finished rolls of metal that are many feet in length and diameter. Other models are smaller and are suitable for working fine gauge materials, such as those used in HVAC parts.

Single and Double Pinch plate rolling machines

These specific machines provide both capability and flexibility to any size fabrication shop or department. Different kinds of plate rolling machines are useful for bending plates or sheets of metal into desired forms. Three-roll, single-pinch machines are economical machines but they require the operator to tilt the sheet downward to make an initial pre-bend on one end of the metal, then turn the sheet around to roll the finished piece. In this plate rolling machine category, JMT USA offers both lighter duty motorized initial pinch slip roll to the heavier duty motorized initial pinch plate roll.

Four-roll, double-pinch machines are more precise and easier to operate since the plate is held securely against the top and bottom rolls while the side rolls form an accurate pre-bend. Sheets can be fed in horizontally, which allows the use of motorized roller tables. Four roll plate rolling machines are both more productive and safer to operate, JMT USA has many years of experience placing these four roll machines into production and integrating them into the manufacturing process.

Angle Rolls which are frequently referred to as “profile benders” ad the capability to bend many types of material into parts with a radius. These universal bending machines, also known as profile rolls, are useful for turning raw stock metal into a finished roll. The bending machines press metal bars or angle stock into a roll with a uniform strength and finish. JMT USA has considerable experience with profile benders and can provide benders capable of bending up to 10 inch by10 inch solid steel square material.

Using different the types of rollers that come with each machine, the operator can create standard or special sections of rolled metal, as well as bent tubes and pipes. The same machine can process different kinds of metal, such as copper, aluminum, and steel. With the experience of over 50 years of providing angle rolling machines, JMT USA has provided our customers with the necessary specialty rolls to meet whatever requirement our customers have presented to us.

Many Types of Machines for Rolling Metal

The dimensions of a metal rolling machine vary greatly and may be custom manufactured for your specific production requirements. JMT USA offers a wide selection of machine sizes for different types of applications. JMT USA has also provided our customers with special diameter rolls and specially configured rolls, for virtually any application.