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Metal punching is a broad category in metal fabrication that involves techniques stamping and piercing metal to create products essential for life in the modern world. Before putting a product into production, manufacturers must first consider the most appropriate machine for the task. Important factors to consider before punching include the degree of customization required for each widget and the estimated quantity of products that will need to be produced. Businesses that require a high degree of customization should also ensure that they have a full range of tools available to offer full production flexibility. Whether looking to put a product into mass production or in need of custom fabrication, our company offers the full range of machines required for the job.

Turret Punch

The turret punch, also known as a turret press, is a flexible machine that is ideally suited for custom fabrication. These machines require minimal tooling costs because they are controlled by a modern computer system. Our turret punches can be CNC controlled, which means that operators can utilize CAD designs to programmatically punch out custom parts at minimal cost. One of the best aspects of a turret press is that it can use dozens of cutting tools for a single job. Turret punches can leverage these tools to cut irregular shapes with high accuracy and optimal output quality. These machines are ideal for part fabrication that requires a high degree of customization and precision.


Ironworkers are machines that use hydraulic rams to stamp metal plates using a wide variety of dies that can work metal into many different shapes. These machines can be used to both shear and notch metal plates with precision. Operators can also punch holes into metal plates in accordance with a custom design. Ironworkers are ideal for products that require a moderate amount of customization and a small production quantity. These machines can be reliably operated by a single worker with minimal training. Many of our clients use ironworkers alongside other machines to streamline production and improve the quality of product output.

Picking the Right Machine for the Job

JMT USA offers a full range of metal working tools for use in both custom part fabrication and mass production. For over 40 years, we have been in business offering cutting-edge machine tools for fabrication and metalworking businesses. In addition to turret punches and ironworkers, we also offer dozens of other products, including drill lines, plate rolls, laser cutters, and more. We even offer specialty tools capable of using modern CAD designs to produce custom products. Our diverse mix of production tools makes us an ideal supplier for manufacturing businesses that require flexible and customizable technologies. Get in touch with JMT USA today to learn how we can help your business cut costs and improve product quality.