Metal cutting fiber lasers, plasma cutting machines, band saws, and shearing machines. JMT offers precision metal cutting machines for any piece parts job.

Adopting advances in technology can give an industrial enterprise a competitive advantage in cutting metal, and JMT is — excuse the pun — on the cutting edge of metal cutting technology. Our fiber lasers, shears and band saws can make the exacting cuts you need in all your metalworking projects. Our sophisticated fiber lasers incorporate the latest innovations that produce the fastest cuts at the lowest cost. Our sturdy shears produce constant cuts in shearing thin sheets, thick plates, and everything in between. Our versatile band saws offer precision in automatic, semi-automatic and manual designs with their superior blade stability.

Benefiting from Superior Fiber Laser Technology

Consistently striving to incorporate technologies that make us a leader in industrial cutting applications, we feature fiber lasers that reflect our commitment to developing state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Our JMT-HDFS Smart Laser Series supports production around the clock every day. Featuring economical operation that requires no warm up, the cutting system offers three unique power choices to cut a variety of materials with thicknesses of 0.3mm to 8mm. System accuracy with no requirement for mirrors or adjustments keeps energy and maintenance costs low. The JMT-HD can cut reflective materials such as copper and brass.
  • Our JMT-HDFS features flexibility and cost effectiveness for many sheet metal cutting applications. The rigid frame supports a shuttle table, direct drive rack and pinion, scrap removal, dust collection and an operator-friendly cutting head.
  • Our JMT-HDFL offers superior performance in applications that require high precision cuts. The engineering design features linear motors that provide more accuracy than our JMT-HDF models. With our Procutter head, the system incorporates a secondary shielding window that protects the primary focusing mechanisms.
  • Our JMT-HDTC Tube Cutting Laser provides a dedicated system for handling tubing. Fast and efficient production results from automatically shuffling materials through the cutting station.
  • Our JMT-HD CELL combines cutting efficiency with automated material handling. A cost-effective solution that optimizes work flow for increased productivity, the system requires minimal floor space. Laser controls and work queues containing several sheets of material produce efficient operation by the activation of a single button. The system design includes an option for integration with automatic storage.

Precision is the Key to Shearing Success

Our shearing machines are durable, low distortion, precise cutting machines. They are installed and working in a wide variety of sheet metal and plate metal cutting operations in many industries. They are built to stay sturdy — even large shear frames are machined with no repositioning, resulting in parallel and square surfaces. Automatic adjustment of the hold-down pressure on our hydraulic shears firmly secures thick or thin sheets prior to the actual cutting.

  • Our VR series of variable rake CNC shears adjust the cutting angle and blade gap automatically via the control for flexible and precise cutting. They feature a touch screen control and come in 10′ – 30′ lengths, with 1/4″ – 1″ capacities.
  • Our JMT-SBT series of swing beam CNC shears feature touch screen controls. These heavy duty machines offer robust swing beam cutting with optimized cutting parameters. They come in 10′ – 13′ lengths, with 1/4″ – 3/4″ capacities.
  • Our MS series of mechanical high speed shears are the all-in-one solution for the smaller jobs, offering high speed, accuracy, efficiency and great performance. Available in 4′ – 10′ lengths, with 12 gauge – 10 gauge capacities.

Choosing Value in High-Performance Band Saws

Built to last with heavy duty steel that reduces vibration, our band saws deliver superior quality cuts in H-beams, I-beams, channel and angle steel, pipe and other stock. Our JMT-HBA Series provides automatic straight cuts, and our JMT-DCBA Series makes double column automatic straight cuts.

With our semi-automatic line, operators can manage multiple workstations by loading one while another makes cuts. In a pivot or a dual column style, saws in the series can perform straight cuts as well as single and double miter cuts. In our manual line, our saws offer high levels of productivity for shops that produce a small volume of different parts.