Press Brakes for Customized Metal Fabrication

JMT metal bending Press Brakes are unparalleled by none other, plus we know Press Brakes better than anyone. Buying a JMT Press Brake is a wise investment!

Fabrication equipment for the manufacturing of metal includes; shears, band saws, punches, drill presses, welding positioners and fiber lasers just to name a few. All of which are available from JMT-USA. Few types of equipment offer the versatility or the adaptability of performing as many manufacturing applications as a press brake. These machines bend sheet metal into flexible shapes as exacting as the components of computer cases or other electronic enclosures or as powerful as delivering 3,000 tons of bending force to create panels and chassis for aeronautics and automotive manufacturing. Fortunately, JMT-USA has the world’s broadest, most advanced Press Brake machine offering available today with the support staff to match.

Small-Batch Manufacturing Flexibility

Using flexible bending equipment mitigates some of the biggest problems of small-batch manufacturing encountered in today’s manufacturing environment. The problem lies in the cost of making frequent setup changes and the inefficiencies caused by the time needed to accomplish these necessary setup change overs. Output can drop dramatically when shops must constantly reconfigure their equipment for manufacturing processes that typically take less time than setting up the equipment. Because of the inconsistencies of product quality possible because of multiple setups, and the increased number of steps to make a completed piece part, being able to accomplish more processes on one piece of equipment is of paramount importance. Press bending takes significantly less time to arrange and to change tools and that flexibility, combined with the automation JMT-USA brings to market, could make the difference between making a profit on a given job or not.

  • Bending equipment can perform multiple functions.
  • Shops can offer more custom-manufacturing options to their customers.
  • Staged bending can save even more time and money by enabling operators to make multiple bends in a single setup. (Progressive setups can occur on a single press brake creating the possibility of finishing a given piece part on one machine.)
  • Using common tooling shut-heights enables staged bending processes that use different tools, so shops save more money by being able to interchange tools.

Shops face ever-increasing demands to cut manufacturing costs, increase efficiencies and satisfy more demanding customers. Bending materials with pressing equipment supplied by JMT-USA help to close the efficiency gap between lean manufacturing and customer demands for more flexible manufacturing.

Flexible Bending Applications

The right type and model of pressing equipment that can be recommended by the professional Sales and Application Engineers at JMT-USA can solve many of your fabrication problems and handle multiple bending applications that include the follow examples:

  • On-Demand Parts
    Advanced software can help to maximize efficiency while providing your shop with the capability to manufacture custom tools and parts to precise tolerances. In fact innovative software in 3 D configuration will allow the operator to actually see the completed part before the program is even begun!
  • Complex Fabrications
    Staged bending allows your operators to use a flat piece of metal and turn it into a finished piece on a single run utilizing “ganged tooling” all across the distance of the ram.
  • Ornamental Work
    Ornamental metalwork includes sculptural steel, company logos and ornamental ironwork, and these custom pieces command higher prices and produce more profit for your shop.
  • Outdoor Bending
    Bending processes can shape an awning, trailer roof, portable shed, greenhouse or ornamental pickets for fencing.
  • Land Vehicle, Aircraft and Marine Parts
    Bend custom auto and trailer chassis and aircraft and boat panels and parts.
  • Electronics Precision
    Modern computing devices often require several bends with 90-degree, radius and offset bends, and you can engineer a series of dies and punches to make multiple bends on one pressing machine.

Most shops have existing press brakes that often date back many decades because the equipment remains versatile. Although not as efficient, fast or flexible as modern equipment, the old equipment can be used to handle bottom-bends and other standard work to reduce setup times even further. Any facility can benefit by increasing its throughput, expanding its product range and offering customization options for metal bending with modern fabrication equipment recommended by, and sourced at, JMT-USA.

Small-Batch Flexibility and Staged Bending

Metal fabrication has become more demanding and customer-centric, and shops need to offer custom fabrications and small-batch manufacturing to stay competitive. Using press brakes offers signature benefits for manufacturing automobile and aircraft panels, custom ductwork, precision electronic parts, wire mesh, composite floor blocks, access platforms, walkway systems, pressure-vessel fabrications and sculptural steel fabrications.