Mar 23, 2016

A metal cutting double miter band saw is a useful machine tool for any fabrication or metalworking shop. We are spotlighting here our JMT WV350AR Band Saw. This metal-cutting saw miters both left and right and has the following cutting capacities:

  Round Square Rectangle
90° 10-1/2″ 10-1/4″ 13-1/2″ x 8-1/2″
45° 9-1/2″ 8-1/2″
60° 6-1/4″ 6″
45° Left 8″ 7-1/4″


Some Features of the WV350AR Band Saw

The WV350AR is a pivot-style semi-automatic machine. This metal cutting double miter band saw has a 2 HP direct drive blade drive motor that feeds directly into a gear box and is inverter controlled.

The control panel features a diagram with LED lights at various stations of the machine that light up yellow-green if everything is working properly and turn red when there is an operational problem. Along with an LED blade speed indicator, other aspects of the panel include a head up/head down control and a toggle to select between the control panel and an optional foot pedal for saw activation.

Other features include a blade tension gauge and adjustment, a hydraulically powered vice, a saw head height adjustment, and graduated scales to indicate angle of miter (both left and right) and cut length.

10 Inch Metal Cutting Double Miter Band Saw

Benefits of a Metal Cutting Double Miter Band Saw

Why get a double miter saw? For the fabrication shop that has to cut a both a left and right 45 degree angle in the same piece of metal, a double miter saw is a time saver. For example, let’s say an operator has to cut four pieces of metal tubing that later will be welded into a rectangle like a frame. With a single miter saw the operator has to remove each piece after the first cut, then turn it around before making the second cut. With a double miter saw the operator can simply unclamp the material and slide it into the new position, then make a quick adjustment of the table and he is ready to make his second cut.

One Solid Band Saw

Asked to evaluate the WV350AR saw, JMT’s band saw specialist Steve Tillinghast commented, “I can tell you, having spent years and years selling band saw machines, that this machine is a good value. All of its major casting are cast iron. It’s a good heavy machine — weighs in excess of a thousand pounds — and it’s a great value for the money.”

JMT band saws and other JMT metal fabricating machines are sold nationwide by JMT distributors. Call JMT toll free at 855-773-7727 or email for more information, and you can learn more about JMT’s Horizontal Band Saws HERE.


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