Tube Cutting Laser

Tube Cutting Laser

For cutting holes or end profiles in lengths of tubing or pipes, JMT offers the JMT-HDTC Automatic Tube Cutting Fiber Laser System. This system integrates material handling with the fiber laser to provide a complete work flow solution. This JMT fiber laser, powered by an IPG Resonator and equipped with a Precitec Procutter head, can cut complex shapes in the tube. The system can accommodate round, square, oval, triangular or special section tubes in a wide variety of materials.

A JMT Tube Cutting Laser can greatly simplify your tube production process by eliminating manufacturing operations such as marking out, sawing, drilling, deburring and shaping that are usually required in tube processing.

  • The JMT-HDTC is a complete system that integrates a material handling systems specifically designed to handle tubing with a fib ...

Key features of the JMT-HDTC system include:


  • Holds a variety of profiles with 4 clamps working independently as 2+2.
  • Adjusts hydraulic pressure automatically according to profile of material thickness.
  • With laser sensor on, it measures profile length and send the data to the system.


  • Profile loading is done by loading arms outside the cover.
  • Profiles placed in loading arm are automatically moved to cutting area and centered.
  • During cutting the next profile is placed in the loading arm to save time.
  • During loading, covers open and after loading they close for protection.
  • Light barrier for loading arm does not stop the machine, it only stops the loading arm.


  • 4 support arms with servo motors perform the loading to be at same level with hydraulic mirror.
  • Support arms continuously support the profile during
  • As hydraulic mirror move forward the profile at X1 axis, supports arms close down one by one..


  • Material that is loaded onto support arms may be little bit off-center laterally. Centering system automatically aligns profile axis with hydrulic mirrior axis.
  • Centering mechanism maintains center by holding up position until hydraulic mirror load it inside the centering mirror.


  • To get cutting precision, it centers the profile as close as possible to cutting head.
  • 4 independed clamps come into position automatically before profile comes in.
  • Centering mirror moves forward and backward on rack and pinion. Because of forward movement the laser head goes behind the mirror and minimalizes left over material on last profile cut.


  • Unloading unit support mechnanism is height controlled by servo motor and keeps supporting profile during cutting.
  • Because unloading table moves forward and backward through profile , cut profile parts can be released to different table according to their lengths.