JMT HDFL-BH Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Tube Cutting

With easy access to the pipe, the linear drive JMT-HDFL fiber laser with tube cutting is a great solution for many shops. The tube cutting attachment eliminates the need for a separate tube cutting laser, while the linear drive allows repositioning of the cutting head in the X and Y axes more rapidly than rack and pinion machines.

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The JMT-HDFL-BH Fiber Laser with Tube Cutting is our premier linear flat bed fiber laser with the ability to cut tube.

The linear drive gives faster X axis and Y axis positioning, while the tube cutting feature expands the versatility of this is fiber laser cutting machine.

With sheet capacities ranging from 120″ x 60″ up to 240″ x 80″  and with available power in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 kilowatts, we have a model that is perfect for your application.