Oct 25, 2017

Tank turning rolls are sets of specially-mounted steel and/or rubber wheels that rotate a cylindrical work piece during a welding process. The ability to rotate cylinders to easily position seams for welding is essential in the production of metal drums, storage tanks and pressure vessels.

A perfect complement to our plate roll line, JMT offers both conventional adjustable tank turning rolls (the DKG series) as well as self-adjusting rolls (the DZG series).

Row of Tank Turning RollsOur tank turners are available in a variety of sizes, accommodating work pieces as small as 9″ in diameter to those as large as 216″. These machines can also be used in conjunction with a welding manipulator for more consistent welds.

Conventional rolls are purchased by some customers who only weld one size of cylinder repeatedly. While still adjustable, the conventional turning rolls require the sets of wheels to be unbolted and moved for each different job.

The vast majority of JMT‘s customers have expressed a preference for our self-adjusting rolls due to their versatility. The wheels on our DZG line pivot to automatically align to the diameter of the work piece. These machines feature full-gear wheel drive, and forward and reverse movements of the rolls are governed by both a pendant control as well as foot pedals. Variable speeds are also set via the pendant control to synchronize with the welding rate.

JMT’s self-adjusting tank turning rolls can be ordered in the following capacities: 5.5, 11, 22, 44, 66, 88, 110, 165, 275 and 550 U.S. tons.

Spotlight on JMT’s 44-ton Self-Adjusting Tank Turning Rolls

JMT TR-DZG40 Tank Turning Roll with Cylindrical Work Piece in Place
JMT 44-ton Tank Turning Roll with Cylindrical Work Piece in Place

The JMT DZG40 tank roll is a popular model that can handle a work piece of any size from 23.6″ to 165.4″ in diameter and a weight capacity up to 88,000 lbs. (44 tons). Self-adjusting to the size of each work piece, the DZG40 also includes a pendant control and dual foot pedals for ease of operation.

This model features a variable speed adjustment, with a linear speed that ranges from 19.7 to 169.9 ft/hr. Running 220 volts (3 phase), this machine has a 4 HP motor that drives three independent gear reducers to produce maximum torque to all four drive wheels (the front wheels are powered while the rear are non-powered idler wheels).


Along with tank turning rolls, JMT also offers other equipment to position welds including turntable welding positioners and welding manipulators. Learn more about tank rolls and other welding accessories on our Weld Positioning products page.

Call JMT today for your new tank roll: 855-773-7727 (or email Info@JMTUSA.com).


JMT co-owner Bryan Jorgenson demonstrates the features of our 44-ton Self-Adjusting Tank Turning Roll in this video:


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