Nov 21, 2013

JMT Participates at FABTECH 2013
JMT Participates at FABTECH 2013

Day 4 of FABTECH 2013 has just wrapped up, and the final day of the annual show was just as eventful for JMT as the previous three.

While the main attraction was yet again the two JMT fiber lasers that were being demonstrated, customers gathered around JMT personnel to learn about the ironworkers, angle rolls, plate rolls, press brakes and other machines that were on display.

“The whole show was a great success,” said Todd Mitchell, Territory Sales Manager at JMT. “We met quite a number of potential customers who will benefit from our equipment. Many people commented that we have great products that are well-designed and will speed up their fabrication or manufacturing processes.”

Even as the machines and displays are being loaded up, the JMT management team is already planning what they can do to make next year’s FABTECH an even bigger success!

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