Nov 20, 2013

JMT Machines at FABTECH 2013
JMT Machines at FABTECH 2013

Day 3 of FABTECH 2013 is underway, and interest in JMT products hasn’t lessened up.

“Very good,” was the answer Shane Reynolds, a Regional Sales Manager at JMT, responded when asked today how the show was going. “People come up and are very impressed with the booth and the layout,” he said.

Known for its press brakes and plate rolls (still the top sellers this year at the show) JMT showcased two fiber lasers for the first time at this FABTECH, creating a great deal of buzz among show attendees. Interest was at such a high level that planned daily demonstrations were scrapped in favor of nearly hourly presentations so more people could participate.

In addition to lasers, press brakes, and plate rolls, the staff of JMT have been busy showing off two ironworkers, a shear, a band saw, a tank turning roll, a welding positioner and two angle rolls that they also brought along.

In spite of the constant flow of people to the booth, the JMT staff have strived to maintain a personal interaction with attendees and thoroughly answer all their questions about the machines. “A guy came up to our booth in the beginning,” Shane Reynolds commented, “and went around to other booths and then came back and said ‘You guys are the only ones to take the time to show me the equipment and how it worked.’”

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