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JMT's Booth at FABTECHThe 2nd day of FABTECH 2013 was an eventful one for JMT. National Sales Manager Ken Bartelli remarked, “On top of the normal flow of people, we were very pleased at the number of return Fabtech attendees on Tuesday who had already visited our booth on Monday. This allowed us to delve deeper into the equipment technology, resulting in many sales.”

Demonstrations were held on the different machines that JMT was presenting, but none generated as much interest as the JMT fiber lasers. Visitors eagerly flocked around the lasers throughout the day to watch through safety glass and on closed circuit monitors as the beams carved intricate patterns and shapes in various metals.

Adapting shipping containers to serve as office space complete with an overhead mezzanine was also a crowd-pleaser. “We were the belle of the ball again,” JMT Regional Sales Manager Lance Lamberton reported. “Everyone commented with amazement about our shipping containers that were turned into our booth display.”

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