Sep 19, 2017

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Beam rotators can rotate an I-beam or other long work piece to position it for welding, either by using chains or cloth straps (which have less impact on the surface of the work piece).

The two driven units can be spaced closer or further away from each other depending on the length of the work piece. Additional units can also be added.

Each unit’s chain is run in an endless loop, providing continual rotation in either direction as needed.

The height of the work piece can also be adjusted, and both units can be operated in sync or independently.

JMT offers beam rotators in capacities from 6.5 tons to 13 tons, but custom machines up to 22 U.S. tons can also be produced.

Standard features include a remote control (wireless remote optional), automatic closing chain levers upon the loading of the work piece, sturdy chain gear structure, reducer mechanisms with auto-blockage system, motors with brake and forced fan cooling.


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