Rhino Ironworkers

Rhino Ironworkers

“Rhino Ironworkers” — The Name Says it All!

JMT Rhino series hydraulic ironworkers are designed with multi-functionality in mind to save labor, time, energy, and cost. Rhino ironworkers are well engineered, efficient and optimized for long life, using state of the art manufacturing methods and precision tolerances. These universal machines are supplied with standard tooling including X,Y gauging, support tables at punch, shear, and notch stations and let’s not forget the quick change press brake station. There are easily adjusted hold downs at all four work stations to improve both productivity and safety. Each work station is equipped with specially designed hold downs to ensure safety while providing precision alignment and ease of use.

  • The JMT Rhino R-55 ironworker comes standard with high speed hydraulics, which includes a higher horsepower motor, allowing for ...

  • Operators can cope, notch and trim materials of various thicknesses from any angle. The shearing station has quick hold down ad ...

JMT Rhino series of single cylinder ironworkers have all the standard features found on their larger IW series cousins, but at even more affordable prices. Available in popular 55 and 90 ton punching capacities, these sleek machines feature five workstations offering a variety of applications such as bending, punching, bar shearing, plate shearing, angle shearing and coping-notching. Considering all this capability, the actual foot print of these machines is minimal, packing a lot of capability into a small amount of floor space.

Standard features abound on our Rhino line of ironworkers. Listen to this lineup: complete punching attachment with stripper, automatic urethane hold-downs on angle, plate, and bar shearing. Fixed hold downs for flat bar and angle iron shearing. Bending attachment is 8 inch on the 55 ton model ironworker and 12 inch on the 90-ton model . Punch and die set consists of 14 pieces with the 55 ton ironworker and 5 pieces with the 90 ton ironworker model. These machines also incorporate a 36 inch manual back gauge for plate and angle iron shearing. Front and rear 5 position joy stick control with jog up, jog down, fast up and down and neutral. Coupling wrench, lifting lug, extra oil filter, two chip/scrap buckets, remote electric foot switch which can be connected at either end of the machine.