Ironworker Machines

Ironworker Machines

Every fabricator should have a quality Ironworker machine in their shop! Here at JMT we refer to Ironworker machines as the “Swiss Army Knives” of the Fabrication Industry with capabilities that when considered in total, almost amaze, as the different functions and capabilities just keep on punching. Both of our ironworker machine lines for sale are available through any of our qualified dealers and available in stock ready to ship from one of our distribution centers nationwide.

Our IW series of Ironworker machines, lead the industry in both performance and build quality. Manufactured with massive frames and tables, everything about our best in class ironworker machines screams out Heavy Duty, with gigantic hydraulic rams, over-capacity work stations, and deep throats. High production and built to last is spoken here. The Rhino series of our Ironworkers are very aptly named and designed with an industry best super quick press brake attachment change out feature and stations that allow for operator ease of use and efficiency.

Rhino Ironworkers

Rhino Ironworkers

Learn more about our powerful "Rhino" hydraulic ironworkers machines that shear, punch, bend, notch, and cope with ease and due to their compact design they take up minimal floor space. Efficient popular designed stations with an ergonomic shape and low silhouette that results in a clear line of sight to all tools including the shear blades. Well thought out and engineered design with features that include urethane stripping, automatic shear hold downs, quick change press brake tooling, low blade rake angles, and work stations located approximately 42” from the ground makes our Rhino ironworker machine incredibly operator friendly and easy to use.

Ironworkers (IW Series)

Ironworkers (IW Series)

Complete line up of 9 different tonnage machines our IW series hydraulic ironworkers are designed with multi-functionality in mind to save labor, time, energy, and money. Engineered for superior efficiency and optimized for long life using state of the art manufacturing methods and precision tolerances. Each of our ironworkers come equipped with standard tooling including X,Y gauging support tables at punch, shear, and notch stations. Easily adjusted hold downs at all five work stations and each station comes with specially designed hold downs to ensure safety while providing precision alignment and ease of use. Discover powerful built-to-last ironworkers that set the industry standard for reliability, productivity and accuracy.

Benefits of JMT Ironworkers

Unbridled Quality

The quality of our ironworkers begins right at the start of construction, with a massive over weight steel frame which has been welded by skilled MIG operators and then stress relieved prior to machining.

The initial machining process is accomplished utilizing a 5 axis cnc milling machine to produce the most accurate base structure. Attached to this base structure is the heart of the JMT Ironworkers.

A combination of a massive hydraulic pump coupled to a powerful overload protected electric motor give the grunt you would expect from these powerful machines. Very large twin cylinders (on the 60 ton and up) accomplish the actual work that is produced at a specific station. These same twin cylinders allow two operations to happen simultaneously at two different stations.

JMT Ironworkers

The JMT Ironworkers are well engineered, efficient, and optimized for long life. These universal machines are supplied with standard tooling including X. Y gauging support tables at punch, shear, and notch stations. Each work station is also equipped with specially designed hold downs at all five work stations. These specially designed hold downs ensure safety while providing precision alignment and ease of use.

More Than Just One Machine

If there was ever a single machine that could accomplish all the tasks in the fabrication industry all our lives would be so much simpler. Unfortunately, no such machine exists. 500 years ago, there was one such machine, the anvil! All the blacksmith ever needed was an anvil a hammer and a good fire. Well, we’ve come a long way since the medieval era and as time passed the blacksmiths became "Ironworkers". Today the modern Ironworkers are now machines that have so many different functions one almost has to keep a list, so you don’t forget some of the time-saving capabilities this device can do. In a way, many people consider the Ironworker to be just another piece of iron that happens to be in the shop. Ironworkers are the (“Red headed step child of the shop”!) in many peoples opinion. Only one problem, the Ironworker happens to be one of the fastest machine tools in existence! Ironworkers are faster than: band saws, drill presses, oxyacetylene torch, and any kind of laser, plasma cutters, or milling machines. The operation no matter what it is being performed on an Ironworker happens in mere seconds! You hit the pedal, bang, you’re done! What’s faster than that? No heating of the material, no hot formed edge on the piece part just a clean cut surface and you’re on to the next piece. In certain piece part requirements the entire completed part can be obtained by moving the part around the machine in pre-set jigs to accomplish up to 5 operations to yield a finished piece part. ALL ON THE SAME MACHINE!

JMT Ironworkers
  • Punching

    The machine punches from 30 mm diameters (8 mm thickness) to 57 mm diameters (22 mm thickness) very efficiently. Punches and dies are easily changeable. We provide special punches at short notice.
Punching Station
  • Steel Bar Shearing

    With this part of machine, squares from 25 mm to 55 mm and rounds from 30 mm diameters to 65 mm diameters can be cut very fast. By changing the blades you can also U-I or T sections. We provide special blades.
Steel Bar Shearing
  • Angle Shear

    Here with the help of special blades you can cut several types of 90° – 45° angle sections efficiently.
Angle Shearing
  • Sheet Metal Shear

    With the long blade, you can do your daily plate and sheet metal cutting projects quickly and efficiently.
Sheet Metal Shearing
  • Notching

    The machine comes with a rectangular notching tool which you can use for your notching works. We provide special notching tools for you notching works.
Notching Station

A Multifaceted Tool

These universal machines are supplied with standard tooling including X,Y gauging support tables at punch, shear, and notch stations. There are easily adjusted hold downs at all five work stations. Each work station is also equipped with specially designed hold downs to ensure safety while providing precision alignment and ease of use.

What kind of flexibility is available on an Ironworker you ask? How about this; Ironworkers can provide the following fabrication processes; holes, notches, corner radius in angle iron, flat steel, tubing, c-channel, cutoff of round bar, square bar, angle iron, flat plate. And our Ironworkers can be equipped with press brake type parts for bending with the appropriate optional attachments. Check out our selection and machine specifications and you will find out in no time that JMT builds Ironworkers that set the industry standard for reliability, productivity and accuracy.

That flexible enough for you? By the way all the above mentioned processes can be accomplished on mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aerospace alloys, copper, aluminum and brass.

Optional tooling is available for larger punch sizes and many other shearing operations. Please consult with your local JMT dealer or contact our knowledgeable factory parts & tooling sales support staff for all your special ironworker punch and dies.