Nov 17, 2017

Custom welding positioners are available from JMT for your most exacting welding needs.

JMT offers a large selection of sizes of traditional turntable welding positioners, cross-beam welding manipulators, wheeled tank turning rolls, and chain or strap driven beam rotators. The range of our standard models fit the needs of most welding shops, whether large or small.

Some businesses, however, require the ability to regularly weld odd or unique parts that simply can’t be handled by a stock machine found in a catalog. If you have such a need, JMT is here for you. We have engineers at our disposal who can design a custom positioning machine for virtually any part you can imagine, such as large custom turning rolls requested by customers of ours in the aerospace industry.

Some Custom Welding Positioners

If you frequently have big parts to weld that need to be flipped and moved, stop wasting time tying up your crane. Save time and money by getting a custom welding positioner from JMT and keep the work flow in your shop moving in an efficient and effective way.

Not sure how you would rotate or postion odd fixtured parts that you need to weld? Please consult with us and we will help you find a solution. You can send us drawings of the parts and how they need to move during the welding process, and we’ll do our best to design a customer positioner that will fill the bill (while giving you a very competitive quote for the finished machine).

Let JMT help you with all of your standard and custom weld positioning needs. Give us a call today: 855-773-7727 (or email

Variety of Welding Positioners


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