Bridge Design Large Footprint Plasma Table (PL Series)

Bridge Design Large Footprint Plasma Table (PL Series)

The JMT PL Series Plasma Tables use a separate bridge/ rail /cutting table design suitable for larger cutting areas, thicker plate, and the ability to accommodate one or multiple water tables for smoke and dust containment. With multiple downdraft or water tables, one plate can be loaded/unloaded while the other plate is being cut!

Standard dimensions of the cutting area are:

  • -6’ 10” wide through 20’ 4” wide (and everything in between!)
  • -27’ length through 87’ 10” length (and everything in between!)

The PL Series is manufactured as a true precision machine tool. These high performance plasma cutting machines are designed to cut a wide range of mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The PL is equipped with well known, reliable, and readily available components.
High positioning speeds, accelerations and automatic torch height control provide the best in high quality, efficient cutting.

Dual precision rack & pinion guides for both the x and y axis, and a ball screw design for the z axis, which is torch height, The heavy duty bridge is welded and stress relieved. A synchronized, dual side, backlash free drive system with highly accurate planetary gears provides strict high quality and accurate cutting. Manual and programmable beveling and oxy-fuel cutting heads are also available.

  • The PL Series is manufactured as a true precision machine tool. These high performance plasma cutting machines are designed to ...

JMT PL Plasma Systems use Hypertherm HyPerformance Precision Plasma, available in 130 Amp, 260 Amp, and 400 Amp configurations. Hypertherm is the highest quality and most reliable plasma available, is U.S. made, and is capable of highly accurate cutting on gauge metals up through two inch carbon steel, and even thicker on non-ferrous metals, depending on the plasma power source selected. CNC Control Unit The SINUMERIK 840 D-ISL is a fully PC-integrated numerical control system for up to 20 axes, networking with the SINAMICS S120 drive system. The control has open hardware and software functions and is ideally suited for users requiring distributed automation solutions with regard to PLC I/O and drives and/or prefer a fully PC-integrated control system. JMT has proprietary plasma software on the Sinumerik controller. The operator can easily load the operation parameters to the power supply. Simple shapes can also be loaded from the included and expandable library. The cutting operations are shown on-screen during cutting, and the controller can also be connected to the computer or a LAN via Ethernet connection. If desired, you can control the plasma filter unit by pressing any button on the control panel or automatically when the cutting starts. The machine scans the plate, finds the Zero position and calculates the Plate Angle automatically. No plate alignment is necessary!