PL-C Plasma Table

JMT PL-C Plasma Systems uses Hypertherm HyPerformance Precision Plasma, available in 130 Amp, 260 Amp, and 400 Amp power levels. Hypertherm is the highest quality and most reliable plasma available, is U.S. made, and is capable of highly accurate cutting on gauge metals up through two-inch carbon steel, and even thicker on non-ferrous metals, depending on the plasma power source selected.

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Standard Equipment

  • Siemens 840 D-ISL CNC control Unit
  • Solid & CNC machined steel frames
  • Lightweight bridge design for detail cutting and quick acceleration
  • CAD CAM Software with Auto nesting
  • Cutting plate alignment function with Laser diode
  • Plasma ignition console
  • Hypertherm Command Torch Height Control (THC)
  • Two side motion control system (backlash reducers + rack / pinion)
  • AC Digital Servomotors on axes
  • Marking system through the plasma torch
  • CNC control outputs/inputs for filter unit
  • Hypertherm Spare parts, consumables starting kit
  • High mechanical accuracy to +/- .004 Inches
  • Very high axis positioning (traverse) speed of 1365 in/min.
  • Torch height control travel with ball screw on dual linear guides
  • Remote diagnostics via Ethernet
  • Rack & Pinion with linear guide on the x and y axis
  • Thick slats on table
  • Web cam for service

Optional Equipment

  • Hypertherm Plasma source – choose from HPR130XD, HPR260XD or HPR400XD, other non-precision or air-plasma power sources also available
  • Hypertherm Automatic gas console or Manual gas console
  • Dust / smoke Filter
  • Additional plasma torch and power supply (Plasma Torch, Torch Height Control (THC), ignition console)
  • Additional Oxy-fuel Torch (Oxy-fuel torch, Oxy-fuel torch height control, Oxy-fuel torch height sensor) (maximum 2 oxy-fuel torches)
  • Bridge preparation for additional torch (plasma or oxy-fuel torch)
  • Manual torch or plasma beveling system ± 45°
  • CNC controlled torch or plasma beveling system ± 45°
  • 3D Cutting & Rotator (Contour plasma beveling system)
  • Safety light barrier
  • Fault and Program end signal lamp
  • Air dryer
  • Hypertherm Arcglide THC Torch Height Control (instead of Command THC) includes integrated plasma torch breakaway system
  • Drilling Spindle
  • Loading & Unloading systems
  • Special applications