JMT Structural Steel Beam Drill Line

JMT AKDRILL ADM Structural Drill Line

JMT’s AKDRILL ADM Drilling Machines provide high quality solutions in manufacturing of steel construction, bridge construction, shipyards and various other fields of construction. ADM series have the drilling capacity of H, I, and U profiles or angle iron with standard diameters of .4″ to 1.5″ or more.

ADM Drilling Lines consist of one, two or three independent spindles.

The 1ADM series have a single spindle and the capacity of drilling the profile from three sides with right angle and by rotating +90 / -90 degrees.

The 3ADM series have three spindles and the capacity of independently drilling the profile from three sides, branding and tool changing at the same time. Resetting the equipment to zero and setting to the next drilling position are done automatically by the CNC control.

Click HERE to view video of drill line in operation.