Oct 03, 2016

Three roll variable geometry plate rollers are more precise, productive, safer and versatile than standard single or double pinch three rolls because of their unique design and user-friendly operation. Unlike standard plate rolls, the lower rolls on a variable roll machine move horizontally left and right while the upper roll moves up and down.

Canoe-and-Hourglass-Crowning-DeformationsChanging the geometry of the lower rolls can change the pressure on the top roll, which changes the amount of crown set the operator takes out of the rolls. If the crown set out isn’t removed from the rolls it will be transferred into the part, creating a canoe shape or an hourglass shape on the pre-bend ends of the metal. Due to the minimal crowing required, customers are able to run a much wider range of material thickness without the need for shimming. A variable geometry roller is the ideal plate roll to deal with deflection.

Tonnage is minimized when an operator widens the stance of the bottom rolls, so heavier material can be rolled. It is the same principle as using a wider V-die in a press brake — less tonnage is required with the wider die than would be needed to bend the same material with a narrower die. Likewise, as the operator brings the rolls in on a variable geometry machine, they can roll thinner material and due to the close proximity to the top roll will also be able to make much tighter roll to diameter ratios.

The rolls can also be moved at an angle, making this machine perfect for cone rolling. Due to the incredible pressure the upper roll can apply, many customers also use variable geometry rollers as pressing rolls.

JMT sells the HRB3V variable geometry plate roll, which is suitable for medium and thick plate bending, handling plates between 1″ and 6″ thick.

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