Feb 23, 2016

One double miter band saw offered by JMT is the JMT WV450DSA. This pivot-style horizontal band saw has a cutting capacity of nearly 12 inches at 90° (11-13/16″, round or square).

JMT WV450DSA Band SawCutting capacities at a 45° right miter are 11-13/16″ for round and 9-29/64″ for square. Capacities at a 45° left miter are 10-5/8″ for round and 6-19/64″ for square. It can also cut at 60° up to 6-11/16″ (round) and can cut rectangles just over 17″ x 8″ at 90°.

Running the band saw can be done automatically or manually, as can vise opening/closing and head raising and lowering. It also has a variable speed control.

Some of the features that come standard with the saw are safety switches that disengage the saw if the cover is open, limit switches that shut the saw off if the blade brakes, carbine blade guides, a blade tensioning control, a coolant pump with two coolant hoses, a quick stop with tape measure inlay, a blade brush, a 3 HP inverter motor that feeds into a direct drive gear box, a very solid vise and an automatic shutoff feature if left unattended.

Advantage of the Double Miter Band Saw

Mitering is a necessary function of metal cutting in most fab shops. When a left miter and a right miter are both needed in the same piece (such as one side of a metal frame to be joined to three others), it is much easier to use a double miter band saw. With a single miter saw, the material has to be reversed between cuts. The material doesn’t need to leave the machine between cuts with a double miter band saw — the saw head can easily rotate between cuts to achieve the second angle.

The WV450DSA is only one of the many band saws we offer. Call JMT today to find out which non-miter, single miter, or double miter band saw is right for your metal cutting needs: 855-773-7727 (or email Info@JMTUSA.com).


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