Jul 01, 2013

JMT has partnered with Nukon Lasers to bring our customers the best in fiber laser technology. Through several decades of experience, we have come across many different cutting systems and have found that Nukon offers a system that is revolutionary in terms of efficiency, cost, and production. Nukon originally began as a metal cutting house and they have worked with many types and brands of cutting systems. Dissatisfied with the high cost of operating and maintaining the cutting systems currently available, they set out to create a new and innovative way of cutting metal with fiber lasers. The Nukon fiber laser cutting system offers several distinct advantages over more traditional types of metal cutting including CO2 and plasma cutting systems.

Practical Application

As a cutting house, Nukon uses its own fiber laser cutting system in current production for many types of applications. This versatile, safe, efficient, and cost-effective cutting system offers all of the benefits of existing cutting systems without limits. You can use this fiber laser cutting system for any type of metal including soft sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and mild steel.

Cost Effective

Tired of the cost of replacement parts and maintenance required on existing systems such as CO2 lasers and plasma cutting, Nukon created their fiber laser cutting system. Not only does this innovative system severely reduce the cost of replacement parts for the machines, it also reduces the amount of energy required to operate the system by almost 2/3 that of other cutting systems. Additionally, you will notice an increase in productivity with less downtime and faster maintenance and repair than is required for other cutting systems.


The fiber laser cutting system is ideal for any type of application and can meet very tight accuracy requirements. With no beam diversions, the fiber laser cutting system from Nukon offers extreme accuracy for any sheet metal cutting requirements.

Altogether, the software, technology, and practical application of the fiber laser from Nukon are the key aspects of our choice in partnering with them. Nukon’s Research and Development Department is its own working shop, an onsite cutting house that uses nine fiber laser machines to cut parts for actual customers around the clock. Before marketing and selling the fiber lasers they developed, their cutting house built and used the machines themselves for their in-house cutting applications. This gives the end-user confidence in the product by knowing that the cutting system is put to use by its own manufacturer on a daily basis.

If you have further questions about the Nukon fiber laser cutting system, our sales team is happy to discuss the advantages of implementing this cutting system in your current or future applications.

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