Jan 10, 2015

  Hybrid Press Brake Advantages of a Servo Hybrid Press Brake

Green. When you are considering the advantages of a hybrid press brake, the first thing to look at is energy savings. Hybrid servo brakes are true green machines. Using the JMT AD-SERVO brake as an example, a user is going to have a 62% energy savings while in standby mode, 44% savings during the press cycle and 60% savings over one hour with 15 press cycles. That’s a very big deal when you are looking at saving energy and operating costs.

Quiet. One thing that we love about the servo is that when it’s in standby mode and not moving, it’s running silently, helping keep your shop quiet. Another benefit is the reduction in size of the hydraulic oil tank. Instead of a standard 60 gallon tank, the AD-SERVO utilizes as little as 21 gallons.

Accurate. Servo press brakes are much more accurate than standard brakes. Each side of a servo press brake is independently operated by its own hydraulic system, with each cylinder having its own servo motor and valve controlling it. Beyond the accuracy of the scale we have each servo motor measuring and controlling the amount of fluid that we’re pushing through the valves. So it’s more controlled, on command, like a direct drive system. It’s very fast and very accurate.

Fast. Servo press brakes are faster. When it comes to beam speed, you are looking at about 472 inches per minute on a JMT AD-SERVO.

Safe. Safety is something that we are very focused on here at JMT. With the addition of a laser safety system to a servo brake, not only do you have a very fast and very productive machine, but also one that’s very safe as well.

Affordable. When you pair these advantages up with the large open height, stroke and throat depth, you get a machine that’s pretty hard to beat. And most of time our AD-SERVO brake is more competitively priced than the competitions’ hydraulic machines.

Next Generation. The servo is a machine that takes us into the next generation of press brakes. While there are fully electric brakes out there — which obviously have their place — they’re extremely expensive. The AD-SERVO from JMT is not only the next level in press brakes, it is offered at a very, very competitive price.

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