Oct 24, 2014

JMT R-Series Y1/Y2 Press Brake vs. Accurpress 7-Series Rocker Arm Press Brake

JMT vs. Accurpress

When choosing the proper press brake for the job, you should consider repeatability accuracy. When mass producing parts on a press brake, operators need to ensure that each piece is produced within acceptable tolerances for that piece. So, choosing the right press brake for the job is essential.

In the video on this page we show you how the Accurpress 7-Series press brake with a Rocker Arm design is inferior to the JMT press brake with its Y1/Y2 design. You will see how JMT‘s comparable ADR Series press brake allows you greater accuracy based on the design alone.

As additional components are added to a press brake’s ram, opportunity for inaccuracy increases. Not only is there greater chance for machine failure, but each point of connectivity inherently offers repeatability inaccuracy throughout the system. You will see how even a .002″ variance changes how accurately parts are produced and witness the issues involved with having to compensate and readjust on a regular basis.

Throughout this video you will also see how the ADR Series press brake is a cost effective, more efficient, more accurate choice when choosing the right press brake for the job. See how the throat depth design of the JMT machine is superior and offers greater part versatility, and when it comes to getting accurate measurements, the independent C-frame is key to bringing flex, yaw and repeatability accuracy.

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