Feb 01, 2017

Plate Rolling Fundamentals. As you consider the purchase of a plate rolling machine it is important to consider the fundamentals of plate rolling and bending techniques. Plate rolling is instrumental in many applications in bending materials to achieve a variety of shapes such as normal or circular, oval, rectangular, and open bends. When you know what end result you want to accomplish, it is much easier to factor in all of the aspects of a plate roll and what you may need for your application.

Understanding Roll Theory. Before you begin your search for a plate roll that meets your needs, it is important to understand roll theory. Completely researching your applications and various needs for versatility is the first step of understanding roll theory as it applies to your operation. Each type of plate roll offers various advantages and disadvantages. You may value tolerance over bending versatility or price over ease of operation. Carefully consider your needs and requirements before choosing the right plate roll for your application.

Versatility. Finding a versatile plate roll can be useful so that you may utilize the plate roll for a variety of applications rather than purchasing a plate roll that meets only your immediate needs.

The best way to find the right plate roll is to discuss your needs during a consultation with a plate roll expert, such as one of our machinery consultants at JMT. Our consultants have carefully researched all of the advantages and disadvantages of each plate roll option available to you. We apply this expertise to your advantage so you will find the right plate roll with the versatility you require.


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