Jan 24, 2014

As a standard feature of all fiber laser cutting systems offered by JMT, we include an auto-focus head. This is a significant advantage over other types of nozzle heads due to its ability to increase efficiency, accuracy and productivity while still maintaining low cost production.

Adjustment of Focus Diameter
Adjustment of Focus Diameter
Adjustment of Focus Position
Adjustment of Focus Position

A few advantageous features of a JMT auto-focus head include:
• No manual adjustments – This means you save time and additional cost that is incurred with heads that require manual adjustments. There is also a much lower occurrence of malfunction or damage to the head compared to manually adjusted laser heads.
• Changes focal point to desired position and beam diameter – This means that no matter what part you are cutting, your laser head will automatically adjust its focal point and beam diameter to your exact specifications with no need to make any adjustments manually. This creates more accurate parts without the need to make continual adjustments throughout the cutting process
• Lower operational costs, time, and training – An automatically adjusting head will save time in training machine operators due to its simplicity of operation in addition to saving time during operation by eliminating the need to manually adjust the laser head. This also reduces any downtime or delay in operation associated with manually adjusting a laser head.

These combined features of the JMT  auto-focus head offer exceptional benefits and outcomes for your cutting system production process. The following video further illustrates the benefits of using an auto-focus head for your JMT fiber laser system:

We are happy to answer any additional questions you have about operating your fiber laser with an auto-focus head. Please contact our fiber laser specialists at JMT today!

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