JMT Welding Manipulator

JMT DLH Welding Manipulator
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JMT offers three styles of column-boom manipulators to help extend your lift and reach:

  • Fixed
  • Fixed with Rotation
  • Travel with Rotation

With our welding manipulators, no job is too big or too hard. Our boom is designed to weld hard-to-reach joints such as the inside seams of small tanks or the longitudinal and traverse seams of large tanks. The welding operator controls the process using an automatic control unit located on the column.

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  • 13.12′ Vertical Stroke
  • 16.4′ Horizontal Stroke
  • 3.28 Ft/Min Elevation Speed
  • .39 – 3.94 Ft/Min Traverse Speed
  • 660 Lb. Max Load at Extremity<
  • ±180° Rotation Angle (Manual or Motorized)
  • 25.59′ Total Height
  • 78¾” Rail
  • 4.92/9.84 Ft/Min Speed
  • 4.5 HP
  • 15,215 Lbs.

Optional features that can be added to your welding manipulator include: a TV monitor, automatic arc tracking, and flux auto-feed or recovery systems.