Mar 09, 2018

Need a metal fabrication machine, but don’t want to pay full price?

Most JMT dealers also carry used machines or have connections with other sellers that do, so always be sure to ask your local distributor about available options in previously-owned equipment.

For example, JMT’s originating dealer and sister company, Jorgenson Machine Tools, offers several used plate rolls, including these two unique, heavy-duty models:

Kumla-Backteman Plate Roll

10′ x 1″ Kumla/Backteman Plate Roll

  • Make: Kumla/Backteman
  • Type: 3-Roll Pyramid Plate Roll
  • Model: PV7H 3000X25
  • Serial #: 1895
  • Year of Mfg: 1970
  • Stock #: 5692
  • Features: Drop End
  • Weight: 58,000 Lbs.

Rollshear Plate Roll

10′ x 3/4″ Rollshear Plate Roll

  • Model: ASY-2H
  • Serial #: 70297
  • Year of Mfg: 1977
  • Stock #: 5642
  • Type: Asymmetrical Initial Pinch Plate Roll
  • Maximum Capacity, Sheet Thickness: 1″
  • Maximum Capacity, Sheet Width: 10′


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