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JMT Swing Beam Shear

Benefits of JMT Shears

JMT Shears are an effective solution for cutting sheet metal. JMT Shears are designed to be durable with low distortion and high precision.

The frames on JMT Shears have parallel and square surfaces because of the way they are manufactured, which ensures their accuracy.

Is a Shear a Good Option For You?

With technology advancing to the point in the metal fabrication industry that we now are cutting metal with plasma and lasers, many people have asked, “Is there still a need for a shear in our shop?” In most cases you will find the answer to be a […]

How Do I Maintain My Metal Working Equipment?

Proper maintenance of your metal working machinery is the key to making your equipment last longer and perform consistently and efficiently. Every piece of manufacturing equipment requires routine maintenance in addition to any occasional repairs the machine may need. Whether you own a press brake, a lathe […]

JMT at FABTECH 2013 (Day 4)

Day 4 of FABTECH 2013 has just wrapped up, and the final day of the annual show was just as eventful for JMT as the previous three. While the main attraction was yet again the two JMT NUKON fiber lasers that were being demonstrated, customers gathered around […]

JMT at FABTECH 2013 (Day 3)

Day 3 of FABTECH 2013 is underway, and interest in JMT products hasn’t lessened up. “Very good,” was the answer Shane Reynolds, a Regional Sales Manager at JMT, responded when asked today how the show was going. “People come up and are very impressed with the booth and […]

JMT at FABTECH 2013 (Day 2)

The 2nd day of FABTECH 2013 was an eventful one for JMT. National Sales Manager Ken Bartelli remarked, “On top of the normal flow of people, we were very pleased at the number of return Fabtech attendees on Tuesday who had already visited our booth on Monday. […]

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