Plate Rolls


JMT offers both Mechanical and Hydraulic Plate Rolls designed by the industry’s leading engineers that understand the physics involved in transforming sheet metal into various cylindrical shaped geometries. JMT Plate Rolls come in 3 and 4 roll configurations, and are all constructed using the industry’s best steel frames that are reinforced by sturdy steel beams that minimize twisting and deformation of the plate as it’s being rolled.

Don’t Get Flattened by the Wrong Plate Roll

Don’t Get Flattened by the Wrong Plate Roll Six Questions that Can Help You Select the Right Equipment Adapted from an article JMT was commissioned to write for The Fabricator magazine, October 2013 issue.   Plate rolling is not like working a press brake, where there is […]

Understanding the Importance of Crowning on Plate Rolls

Adapted from an article JMT wrote for The Fabricator magazine, October 2013 issue. Most metal fabricators will require a plate roll to work with many materials, which will affect the machine’s rolls in different ways. To accommodate this variety, most manufacturers’ rolls are machined with optimal crowning […]

Roll Orthogrid or Isogrid with a JMT Plate Roll

This video shows JMT‘s Kyle Jorgenson rolling a sample piece of Orthogrid (like that used for spacecraft construction) on a standard JMT 4-roll hydraulic plate roll. Isogrid panels can also be rolled on JMT rolls. In addition, JMT offers specialized plate rolls for aerospace manufacturing. Please contact […]

How Do I Maintain My Metal Working Equipment?

Proper maintenance of your metal working machinery is the key to making your equipment last longer and perform consistently and efficiently. Every piece of manufacturing equipment requires routine maintenance in addition to any occasional repairs the machine may need. Whether you own a press brake, a lathe […]

JMT at FABTECH 2013 (Day 4)

Day 4 of FABTECH 2013 has just wrapped up, and the final day of the annual show was just as eventful for JMT as the previous three. While the main attraction was yet again the two JMT NUKON fiber lasers that were being demonstrated, customers gathered around […]

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