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JMT Nukon Fiber Lasers are industry leaders in fiber laser systems. Ranging in power from 1kW to 6kW, we have the ideal Fiber Laser for any of your needs! Our machines have been developed and perfected in our cutting edge Research and Development Department — the world’s largest fiber laser custom projects shop, where parts are manufactured around the clock for various customers. Our fiber laser systems can help you reduce the cost of parts, maintenance, and down time incurred with other types of cutting systems, while substantially increasing your productivity with the aid of our lighting fast automation systems!

Eco Series
The Nukon Eco Series is the most environmentally friendly option for a Nukon fiber laser.
NF 510 Series
The Nukon NF 1530 Series fiber laser has many unique features that make it ideal for implementation in practically any sheet metal cutting application.
NF 613 Series
The Nukon NF 2040 series fiber laser is a new and innovative cutting system that utilizes the latest in sheet metal cutting technology. The technology and construction of the NF 2040 series makes it possible to operate this machine 24/7 without any loss of power, accuracy, or increase in production time.
NF 620 Series
The Nukon NF 2060 Series fiber laser was created to simplify and advance your metal cutting and processing. The NF 2060 series fiber laser is an answer to the problems every metal processor faces
The Art of FABTECH – JMT’s 2014 Booth

Some of the most common comments heard around the JMT booth at FABTECH 2014 were about the booth itself, especially our custom decorations. Using a JMT Nukon fiber laser and other equipment, we fabricated table tops inlaid with the arm from our logo and table and chair […]

JMT Fiber Lasers for the HVAC Industry

JMT Nukon fiber lasers are an accurate, time-savings solution for cutting metal for use in the HVAC industry, such as sheet metal, galvanized and paint lock, and they can even cut insulation. This video gives an overview of some of the uses JMT Nukon fiber lasers have […]

Overview of the JMT Nukon Eco Series Fiber Laser

Fiber Laser | JMT Nukon Eco Series Laser Overview   JMT partnered with Nukon Laser Cutting Machines to bring accurate, efficient, low cost fiber laser cutting to the U.S. market. Along with the JMT Nukon NF Pro series of fiber lasers for larger capacity cutting, the factory […]

Fiber Lasers – How They Run

Fiber Laser | JMT Nukon Fiber Laser Cutting Samples   JMT partnered with Nukon to offer a complete line of fiber lasers to our fabrication customers. Nukon developed this fiber laser system in a fully operational cutting house, which allowed every aspect of the laser to be […]

What Are the Advantages of a JMT Nukon Auto-Focus Head?

As a standard feature of all fiber laser cutting systems offered by JMT, we include an auto-focus head. This is a significant advantage over other types of nozzle heads due to its ability to increase efficiency, accuracy and productivity while still maintaining low cost production. A few […]

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