Band Saws

JMT provides value with its selective line of automatic, semi-automatic  and manual band saws in horizontal pivot or dual-column configurations.  JMT band saws are built for stability and precision with heavy duty steel frames and bows that reduce vibration for more accurate cutting of structural steel such as I beam, H beam, pipe, channel, angle steel, as well as, other types of stock.




  • Pivot or Dual Column Styles
  • Straight Cut
  • Miter Cut
  • Cut Capacity up to 43 inches


  • Pivot or Dual Column Styles
  • Straight Cut
  • Single and Double Miter Cut
  • Cut Capacity up to 43 inches


  • Pivot Style
  • Single Miter Cut
  • Double Miter Cut
  • Cut Capacity up to 9 inches

JMT pivot saws are a cost effective solution for your machine shop, especially if you’re cutting a variety of parts.

Our dual column saws provide superior blade stability, which translates into precision cuts.  These configurations are the best choice for cutting stainless steel.

Our band saw product line includes several saws capable of doing single or double mitres. Our various band saw models are equipped with additional standard features to optimize their performance in specific types environments. We also offer an array of options to further improve your productivity.  JMT can configure a cutting solution that fits your needs and budget. Download our catalog for a detailed description of JMT band saw models, features & options.

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