JMT AD Servo Press Brake

JMT AD-SERVO Press Brakes
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These machines come with 5 axis CNC controllers, (Y1-Y2-X & R) with motorized wave crowning. The heart of these machines is the Delem DA-66T Controller. Highlights include but are not limited to: touch screen, direct navigation, 2D programming, 3D programming, auto bend sequence and collision detection.

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Standard Specifications

  • Increase your profitability with 62% lower power consumption
  • Lower cost-per-part thanks to ecological technology
  • Quiet, Energy Efficient and Accurate
  • Ram movement is powered by AC Servo motors driving hydraulic oil in line with Variable Speed Pump.New technology allows :
  • Silent bends – noise levels reduced from 76 dbA to 63 dbA
  • Energy saving:
    • 62% at stand-by
    • 44% during the press cycle
    • 60% in 1 hour with 15 press cycles
  • Supports your production cost efficiency and increases your competitive forces.
  • Small hydraulic oil tank for Clean environment & Cost reduction
  • Thanks to the new technology reduce hydraulic tank from 200 lt to 2×40 lt
  • Speeds & Accuracy & Syncronisation
  • Beam speeds to 200mm/sec
  • 5.6 times better synchronization in “High Speed” phase