JMT FBS High Tonnage Press Brake

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  • JMT FBS Press Brake 202500
  • JMT FBS Press Brake 361650
  • JMT FBS Press Brake 20660

The FBS series press brakes offer plenty of value included on these machines as standard equipment, such as automatic table crowning. On high-tonnage “mega” press brakes, a “box construction” frame is used – the most stable type of machine body.

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JMT’s FBS (Flexible Bending Solutions) innovations offer advanced technologies for bending large sheet metal for extremely diversifed uses in different industries while avoiding long, expensive welding operations (which risks material stability). The FBS strategy focuses on minimizing the handling of large work pieces before, during and after bending with regard to the remaining manufacturing processes.

Standard Specifications

  • Flexibility of bending that varies for diversified uses
  • Accuracy for large & high spring-back sheets
  • Lowered setup times through automated loading & unloading
  • Increased employee safety