Electric Press Brakes

Electric Press Brakes

Electric Press Brake = Eco-friendly! Energy Savings!

Due to the ever increasing demand worldwide to decrease our carbon foot print, and become as efficient as possible, JMT has developed a new series of press brakes, the EB (Eco Bend) all Electric Press Brake series. With the addition of these state of the art all electric press brakes for manufacturing, JMT will be firmly ensconced in the upper echelon of precision press brake manufacturers worldwide. The new technology of all electric press brakes was created with one major goal in mind. The goal was to produce an all servo electric press brake which would reduce consumption of fossil fuels by at least 50% or more. Currently we are able to offer these highly sophisticated Eco-friendly servo electric press brakes in 3 sizes. The EB 2512 with a 4 foot bending length, and 28 tons bending force. The EB 5020 has a 6 foot 10 inch bending length with 56 tons of bending force. We round out the electric brake press product line up with the EB 10030 with a 10 foot 1-inch maximum bending length and 112 tons of bending force.

  • Our new JMT Eco Bend 2512 electric press brake concept is to minimize power consumption. This press brake is for manufacturing ...

  • Many benefits arise from this operational method. Since there is no hydraulic system within the new JMT “EB 5020” servo ele ...

  • The Eco Bend 10030 is the largest machine of all of our electric press brakes. At a 10-foot maximum bending length and 112 tons ...

With some 60 years of experience in developing and producing highly complex metal working machines like press brakes, shears, plate rollers and more. JMT USA is in a never ending quest to improve machinery capability as well as machinery quality. To that end and keeping with our promise of only partnering with reputable manufacturers, JMT USA has formed a partnership with a world class manufacturer to build JMT's advanced “all electric” high speed press brakes for the North American market. We searched the globe and found this impressive "certified manufacturer" who currently produces and sells various metal fabrication machinery in nearly 40 different countries worldwide. We are pleased to be working together with a manufacturer who is considered to be one of the world leaders within this segment and has received several awards for innovation and advanced technologies in the design of their equipment.

Electric Press Brake Energy Savings Chart

JMT researched and then formulated a business strategy to bring high quality all electric press brakes in the U.S. market that is based on the slogan, “Innovation Works!” Hence we are committed to continuous innovation, improvement and diversification of our product line and working methods. The product innovation extends to the outstanding design of these electric machines, combining efficiency with advanced concepts in an effort to deliver the most operational cost saving possible. With North America taking the lead in the world in ecologically friendly practices, especially when it comes to manufacturing, you are bound to keep many rules your worldwide competitors don’t. In what other way can we keep pace in the worldwide market? The not so obvious answer is, cut the cost of your consumables. More specifically energy, even more specifically than that, electricity.

Why would an emerging company invest in a servo driven all electric press brake? Because of the design intention, these new servo electric press brakes aim to save energy! With a complete departure from conventional press brakes, these electrically powered bender machines do not have a hydraulic oil pump. They don’t have any hydraulic valves nor do they have one drop of hydraulic oil. Since there is no complicated hydraulic system, there is no maintenance to perform in that regard. All electric servo driven press brakes no longer have one large conventional brushed electric motor, but rather run on four independent d.c. brush-less motors. In this way the press brakes only utilize energy when the machine is actually moving. In addition to the on demand electric motors, these machine movements are kept extremely accurate with the use of oversize linear guides with 3 linear bearings per side. The motion of the upper beam is ensured by ECO-Drive drives with the following features. The drive consists of a ball screw, gear unit, and servo motor of high performance with overload protection. All components are dimension over-sized for long life durability and the drives are equipped with automatic lubrication systems. The bending depth (ram stopping point) is ensured by servo motor controlled by the DNC. Because the new JMT EB series all electric press brakes are driven via brush-less servo motors and ball screws, machine movement is almost instantaneous. Add to that minimal reaction time a much higher ram speed and back gauge speed and a 40% faster production rate is possible.

In summation, add the considerable reduction in production time with the realization that these new all electric press brakes are not even running half of the time of a production shift, you will be able to then begin to understand a potential of 50%-60% savings in electricity costs over conventional press brakes run for the same period of time.

From a historical perspective

It was on along about the time of the second “Industrial Revolution” circa 2000. Metal Fabrication companies all over North America began to realize something had to be done. The problem? The North Americans began to realize the competitive edge was being lost to offshore competition from all over the world. Many people feel like this revolution began much earlier than this which may be true, the problem was lot of folks tried the “stick their head in the sand” approach first, for as long as they could. Orders were being lost at such a rate, that ignoring the problem was no longer an option. At first came the renaissance in machine capability, CNC machines became the rule instead of the exception.

More and more manufacturers began to update their capabilities with the latest in equipment, a sad lesson had been reinforced, if you don’t stay current in available technologies you would not be able to compete. A pleasant offshoot effect of this rush to get current was, as most products will do big or small. When more and more of them are produced the price begins to become more affordable. The end result today, a CNC metal bending machine with twice the capabilities (if not more) sold for less money, than that size machine was 20 years ago. The availability of more sophisticated production equipment should help shouldn’t it? Well, it did for a while, until the trend began to slide the other way once again. Now what was happening? Labor costs are pretty much a fixed cost, you can’t cheapen your labor force and be able to operate these new more sophisticated machines. You have already updated your production capabilities to some of the most productive in the world. What’s left? The simple answer, decrease piece part production time while reducing your cost of energy required to make that same piece part. Enter the all electric press brake to the rescue offering an impressive long term return on your investment!