Press Brakes


JMT is proud to offer the most complete lineup of 5 distinctly different levels of the highest quality press brakes available in the market today. From the fully functional, cost conscious PBF series, to the most advanced Eco-Friendly ADS Servo, and everything in-between, JMT is your partner in press brakes.

No matter how complicated your piece part is we have a press brake suited to your needs. The two heavyweights in our lineup , the ADR and the ADS make available bending solutions that range from 4 foot 1 inch and 66 tons to 26 foot 6 inches and 2,200 tons. (need to confirm these specs.) Range is coming from both series.

Also available from JMT is our FBS series of press brakes (Flexible Bending Solutions) which offers solutions for longer bending lengths and higher tonnages. These machines are virtually custom made to exact customer specifications. These made to order solutions will frequently eliminate the need for long costly weldments which may also cause material instability, which increases piece part costs.

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake (ADR Series)


These popular value packed precision press brakes have exceptionally large strokes, daylights, and throat depths to allow cost effective production of simple to complex shapes that require large dimensions for ease of handling and removal. An easy-to-use control reduces the required operator skill level. That easy to operate control, the compact DA-56s provides easy CNC programm ... Read more

  • As the world becomes a smaller place, competition is increasing day by day. A foreign manufacturer may have numerous “un ...

Hydraulic CNC Press Brake (ADS Series)


It’s hard to be humble when you’re so far ahead of the pack you can’t even see who is bringing up the rear. Some people say “it’s lonely at the top” we kind of like it. Remember that scene in the old wild west saloon, when the bad hombre came through the doors and the whole place got quiet. Well the ADS is our “bad hombre” just without the spurs. Wh ... Read more

  • The ADS press brake offers a solution for almost every bending need. The ADS comes standard with these outstanding features; 5 ...

Servo Press Brake (AD Series)


Due to the ever increasing demand worldwide to decrease our carbon foot print, and become as efficient as possible JMT has developed the new AD-Servo series of press brakes. Currently we are able to offer these highly sophisticated eco-friendly press brakes in 3 sizes. The AD-Servo 25100 8 foot 4 inches bending length, and 110 tons.

The AD-Servo 30100 10 foot bending length and 110 tons. ... Read more

  • These machines come with 5 axis CNC controllers, (Y1-Y2-X & R) with motorized wave crowning. The heart of these machines is ...

Hydraulic CNC Brake Press (PBF Series)


With three models available, the PBF 2560, PBF 30121, PBF 30200 this series of feature packed press brakes do not want for capabilities. The standard equipment list on these brakes does not read like a machine with a very competitive price. Starting with the Delem DA52s which is a 4 axis capable CNC controller, which commands 3 axis on these press brakes; Y1, Y2, X the quality c ... Read more

  • From the user friendly Delem CNC control to the who’s who list of quality components, it’s easy to see why JMT’s PBF seri ...

Small Press Brakes

It’s often been said that “big things can sometimes come in small packages”, “that little guys sometimes punch well above their weight class.” Such is the case with JMT USA’s brand new ADR 1260 4 foot press brake. This new addition to the JMT USA press brake lineup has nothing to be humbled about when compared to its larger brethren.

Just because this machine has a demure stature don’t let that fool you. The ADR 1260 is a heavy weight in it ... Read more

  • The ADR 1260 has an overall bending length of 4' 1″ and a capacity of 4' x 66 tons. This machine comes standard ...

High Tonnage Press Brake (FBS Series)


The bending length of the FBS press brake are increased considerably, and the specially designed stress relieved frame of these press brakes have a unique box frame arrangement. The frames are specially reinforced to carry heavier center loads, because of this design, large gaps, strokes, and daylight openings have been engineered in.

An additional feature of the FBS is the ... Read more

  • The FBS series press brakes offer plenty of value included on these machines as standard equipment, such as automatic table cro ...

Press Brake Tooling

In developing our offering of press brake tooling products, we have had one goal in mind: to increase your productivity, efficiency, and reliability when you’re tooling, clamping,and bending. We offer tooling styles in the American Style, European Style, orthe New Standard Style. From there we offer various dies and tools to help youget the most from your press brakes. Each tool is laser hardened for optimum strength and resilience, so you know you’re only go ... Read more

  • The WILA hydraulic die clamping system utilizes fluid mechanics to activate a series of pins that run down the full length of t ...

  • Round light pole tooling allows press breaks to machine cylindrical poles such as light posts, steel poles, high masts, etcR ...

  • Pneumatic press breaks operate using pressurized air to develop tonnage on the ram. Pneumatic machines are typically used for l ...

  • This extremely durable Multi V Manual Adjustable Die is perfect for long term use due to the accuracy and quality that it provi ...

  • Motorized Die Positioning is a great option for accurate production. The motorized design of this press brake an ideal choice f ...

  • Multi-V dies are your most versatile solution in today’s demanding market. These dies consist of more than multiple openings ...

  • Hydromechanical press breaks enforce downward pressure using hydraulic actuators on both sides of the machine. As the ram desce ...

  • We keep tools on hand for European Style Top Tooling as well, saving you time and money.We offer some quick change tools to mak ...

  • The American Style top tooling is tailored to the American market, and also allows for manufacturing the widest variety of bend ...

Press Brake Robotics

JMT’s RIBS ( Robotic Integrated Bending Solutions ) are customized from standard layouts to best suit each customer application. We start with a proven layout and make modifications as needed; to meet customer floor space, part size, process criteria and expectations. We then use our proprietary RIBS offline programming software (developed over several years, in conjunction with Alma-Cam’s industry leading “Robowave” software) to build the customers’ wo ... Read more

  • JMT’s “Standard” RIBS solution is the traditional layout with a large payload robot on a floor mounted track, positioned ...

When you consider all the variables, JMT provides the most machine for your investment. Compare our stroke, ram opening, piece part depth, to any machine out there you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck. Open up the hood on one of our machines what will you see, Bosch-Rexroth hydraulics, Siemens and Schneider main electronic components, Opkon linear scales, all C.E certified, all standard equipment. Combine those advantages with our industry renowned service, our well-staffed emergency service line, and a parts department that would blow you mind. If your initial investment includes tooling up your press brake, JMT has you covered there as well.

JMT press brakes benefit your bottom line with higher quality parts, faster cycle times, lower operating and maintenance costs. Whether your application requires bending simple shapes or complex parts, JMT has a press brake to match your needs and your budget. JMT press brakes are designed for reliability, precision, performance and ease-of-operation.

All our press brakes are designed for high performance. Five key design features will increase your productivity and decrease your per part cost.


These five innovations are:

  1. Rigid mono-block frame of mill certified high-yield steel for minimum deflection under load resulting in more consistent performance;
  2. Synchronized dual cylinders and valves assure smooth, stable RAM motion for high-quality precision RAM positioning, accurate to within 0.0004 inch.
  3. Deeper throat dimensions allow you to form more parts, the full-length of the machine
  4. Large daylight opening gives you versatility to handle a larger range of parts;
  5. Extra stroke length also gives you more versatility.

JMT Press Brake Exploded View


The foundation of all JMT press brakes is a solid, mono-block frame made from mill certified, high-yield steel. As a result, JMT press brakes perform accurately and reliably year after year. We're so confident in our frames that we offer a 10-year warranty with our standard machines.

Dual hydraulic cylinders located on either side of the ram provide faster approach speeds. The cylinders are synchro-nized to provide smooth motion resulting in precise ram positions to an accuracy of .0004"

10 Year Frame Warranty

We are factory trained and certified Wila tooling experts with the tools on the shelf. WHEN IT COMES TO PRESS BRAKES, JMT IS THE ANSWER, AND OUR MOTTO IS ALWAYS;"STRONG ON SERVICE."