Nov 17, 2016

The high-level of visitor interest in JMT press brakes continued strong as the second day of FABTECH 2016 got underway in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 17, 2016.

Always the centerpiece of our booth, our row of precision press brakes drew crowds of passersby, as well as those who put JMT on their must-visit itineraries for the show.

“Visitors’ reactions to our brakes are very good and favorable,” said JMT‘s Jared Peterson, with people commenting that “we are priced competitively.”

JMT Eco Bend Electric Brake Video
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Four JMT press brakes were on display at the show this year:

  • JMT ADS-37220, a 12′ 1″ x 242-ton model in our high-end precision powerhouse ADS series of brakes.
  • JMT ADR-1260, a 4’1″ x 66-ton precision brake that is part of our line-up of small 4′ press brakes.
  • JMT PBF-2560, an 8′ x 66-ton CNC 3-axis brake that is perfect for the small shop.
  • JMT EB-5020, a 6’10” x 56-ton electric brake in our new Eco Bend series.

This is the first year that JMT has featured electric press brakes at the show. “People are liking the electric brake,” noted JMT Service Tech Chance Peterson. “They like how quiet they are.” He smiled and added, “They have commented on how nice the colors are.”

Many attendees “have seen our machines online,” said JMT CEO Dustin Jorgenson. “They did their research beforehand, so they made it a point to come and see us. We have sold several brakes already. They like our price and our quality.”

Besides press brakes, JMT is also showcasing a cross-section of our metal fabrication machinery this year, including an Angle Roll, a Plate Roll, an Ironworker, a Shear, a Welding Positioner, a Tank Turning Roll, and four Band Saws.

Things are just as busy on this second day as they were on the first day: “We have not had a chance to come up for air because there is so much interest in our machines,” observed Dustin.


JMT at FABTECH 2016 Day 2


Whether at FABTECH or not, our team of press brake experts can always give you a very competitive quote on the finest in metal bending equipment. Please give us a call today let us consult with you on your current and upcoming metalworking projects: 855-Press-Brake (855-773-7727 – toll free). You can also email JMT at

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